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MCCSC Board Approves Collective Bargaining Agreement


The Monroe County Community school board approved a collective agreement with its teachers yesterday. The Board of Trustees of the Monroe County Community School Corporation reviewed the tentative three-year agreement between the Corporation and the local teachers’ union, the Monroe County Education Association. The Attorney for the MCCSC, Charles Rubright [RU-bright], introduced the proposed agreement to the board.

Legislation passed by the state in 2011 limits how teachers’ unions can collectively bargain with local school corporations. They are only allowed to negotiate wages and benefits. They can no longer bargain around issues such as length of the work day, layoffs, teacher evaluations, and wage-setting criteria. In the past, the two parties negotiated salary schedules that were based on such factors as seniority, responsibility, and credentials.

These new regulations eliminate the old salary ladder. The last contract, signed in 2011, was for four years, with a one percent across the board wage increase in the first year and none in subsequent years. There were also no wage automatic increases during the two years prior to the last agreement. Rubright noted that corporation teachers as well as new hires received a total across the board wage increase of one percent over the last six years.

Teachers who start with, or later acquire, advanced degrees are no longer automatically compensated for those credentials. Absenteeism will now also be considered in setting compensation. The contract also includes a special pay incentive for teachers who stay on at Fairview School. At an earlier meeting, the members of the teachers’ union in attendance voted unanimously to approve the tentative collective agreement. The MCCSC Board voted unanimously to approve the agreement with the teacher’s union. The terms of the new agreement will apply retroactively to January 1st of this year.

A Case Is Made For A New School Referendum Based On The Success Of The Past


Property owners will again be asked to pay additional taxes to help support the Monroe County Community School Corporation. Last week the League of Women Voters hosted a talk by MCCSC Superintendent Judy DeMuth regarding the use of the funds received after voters passed the funding referendum in 2010. League President Doris Wittenburg said Monroe County students were fortunate, because those in other counties were more affected by drastic budget cuts under former Governor Mitch Daniels.

Superintendent Demuth gave a slideshow presentation summarizing how the referendum funds have been spent over the past several years. Then she made a case for a renewed referendum in 2016. The majority of the 2010 referendum operating funds were spent on salaries and benefits. A small amount went to services, supplies, and equipment. Demuth said she thought spending on employees was the best way to serve children in the school district.

Additionally, the cash balance of MCCSC is seven million dollars larger than it was in 2009, before the budget cuts. Teachers did not take a raise in 2010. However, a raise was programmed in and Demuth believes that this is important.

Demuth explained that spending of the extras funds was guided by the principles of: Restore, Replenish and Reform. Programs that were ended due to budget cuts were restored through the use of referendum funds, including alternative learning opportunities and experiential learning. One of which was the Bloomington Graduate School.

Demuth concluded her presentation by thanking those in attendance and those in the community for passing the 2010 referendum. The extra funding provided through this referendum will end this year. She said the corporation is still in the planning stages of proposing another referendum. She expected the request amount to be similar to that of 2010 referendum request.

Interchange – Public Education: Dividing the Conquered


Tonight we try to think about the way Public Education is politicized and the way that the politics of education as a system of social management has made secondary considerations of learning as a path to human flourishing. Unless of course you consider workforce training the path to a realization of your human potential. We raise the issue of our public education system as fulfilling a kind of economic function as well. Where else will Pearson Education sell their wares? Where else will Bill Gates dump all his technology products? The host is Doug Storm.

Joining us for this conversation are:

Cathy Fuentes-Rowher, Chair of the Monroe County/South Central Indiana branch of the Indiana Coalition for Public Education–a grassroots group of people who believe that fully funded and equitable public schools are essential for a healthy democracy.

Cathy Diersing, the School Leader of The Bloomington Project School: a Charter school.

Steve “Roc” Boncheck, a founder and Director of the Harmony School here in Bloomington. Harmony is an Independent school.

Daily Local News – October 23, 2013


The Monroe County Community School Corporation announced yesterday the hiring of its first diversity and talent specialist, assistant principal Diane Hanks; Sara Kurtz Allaei has been appointed assistant vice president for international services; The Better Business Bureau is warning Hoosiers not to fall for the latest scam targeting those confused about the new Affordable Care Act.

Medical Device Tax Hits Close to Home
As Americans prepare for the onset of the Affordable Care Act next year, the medical device industry in Indiana is still pushing for a repeal of a tax that was passed along with the Act in 2009. The medical device industry is one of the largest employers in Monroe County, and throughout Indiana. There are roughly three hundred and twenty-five device companies in the state, and Cook Medical alone employs about thirty-five hundred people in the region around Bloomington. With the implementation of the Act just over two months away, predictions vary about what effect it will have on the industry, and whether the tax will remain in place. WFHB Assistant News Director Joe Crawford brings us the story for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

A phone call demanding payment for taxes because there’s a tax warrant out on you does NOT come from the government—it comes from a crook – find out more coming up on a new edition of our consumer watchdog segment Bloomington Beware!

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Daily Local News – August 30th, 2013


On August 27th, the Monroe County Community School Corporation’s Board of Trustees was joined by a crowd of community members angry about a lack of diversity in the Corporation’s faculty and staff; In their  meeting August 28th , the Bloomington City Council discussed proposed new rules the city police chief said would help recover stolen property; At its August 26 meeting, the Ellettsville Town Council delayed a vote on a contract that would change the way utility bills are sent to town residents.

The Sycamore Landtrust’s Hillbilly Haiku jump starts a Bloomington Labor Day weekend full of festivals. The annual 4th Street Festival of the arts runs Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm along 4th and grant streets, featuring area artists and local non profits. Also this weekend in Third Street Park: the second annual Bloomington Garlic Festival will be offering food, live music and art, on Saturday and Sunday beginning at 10am. All foods will feature garlic and there will also be a Healthful Garlic Cooking Contest with cash prizes awarded on Saturday sponsored by The Runcible Spoon, and featured speakers  on the topic of buying and preparing healthy foods. Event Organizers Dave Cox & Tim Haas stopped into the studio earlier this week, and speak with WFHB Board President about the weekend happenings, here in today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Volunteer Connection, linking YOU to current volunteer opportunities in our community.

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