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Daily Local News – May 18, 2016

Today President Obama doubled the salary threshold for overtime pay protections, potentially increasing pay for millions of Americans who hadn’t been getting paid for working overtime; City of Bloomington residents may see a 22% increase in their water and sewer rates starting next year. The proposed rate increase was presented to the Utilities Service Board on Monday; Indiana University released …

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Daily Local News – February 12, 2014

The state legislature is still dealing with legislation to place a ban on same-sex marriage in the state constitution; Senate Bill 212 was approved by the Indiana Senate in Indianapolis on Monday; The Bloomington Utilities Service Board voted Monday to approve a measure to protect city sewer lines from a deal struck by local sewer districts; With the constant change …

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Daily Local News- October 14, 2014

The Freedom Indiana organization is challenging survey data results released by the Indiana Family Institute concerning how Hoosiers feel about same-sex marriage amendments. The Bloomington Food Policy Council will hold its fall quarterly public meeting next Monday at the Hilltop Garden and Nature Center. A celebration of Carl Sagan Day will take place this Saturday at the Indiana Memorial Union. …

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