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Report Exposes Troubling Facts Regarding Federal and State Funding to Charter Schools

A new report issued by a non-partisan national watchdog group of investigative journalists charges there is a lack of federal and state accountability for public money used to fund charter schools. In contrast with public schools’ accountability for expenditures to elected school boards, the Center for Media and Democracy, or CMD, likens government spending on charter schools to a “black …

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Upward Trend of DBP’s Found in Water Causes Concern

The Utilities Department of Bloomington has been given the go-ahead to pay for a study into the rising levels of disinfectant byproducts, or D.B.P.’s, in the local drinking water. These D.B.Ps form as the chlorine used to purify the water at the utility treatment plant breaks down as the water makes its way to consumers’ taps. The Utilities Department was …

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Brown County Hour – Episode #44: November 2015

Hosted by Dave Seastrom, Cari Ray, Pam Raider, Vera Grubbs and Rick Fettig. First aired Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 9 AM on WFHB ☆ In this episode of the Brown County Hour: Musical guest: Forest Gras – interview plus music from his new CD, Stones N Bones Vera Grubbs interviews artist Martha Sechler. Pam Raider interviews patrons and organizers of …

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John Hamilton Wins Mayoral Race as Democrats Sweep Bloomington City Elections

Democrats swept the city elections in Bloomington yesterday. The Democratic nominees won races for mayor, city clerk and all nine spots on the City Council. Perhaps the most closely watched race was between John Hamilton and John Turnbull, who were both seeking the job of mayor. Hamilton, the Democrat, received a total of 77% of the vote. Turnbull ran as …

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Daily Local News – November 4, 2015

Democrats swept the city elections in Bloomington yesterday; A new report issued by a non-partisan national watchdog group of investigative journalists charges there is a lack of federal and state accountability for public money used to fund charter schools; The Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads is holding its annual meeting on tomorrow to discuss the need for citizen involvement in …

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WFHB’s Bring It On is seeking a new engineer

Bring It On Logo

WFHB’s African American public affairs show, Bring It On, is seeking a board engineer for live broadcasts beginning ASAP. Bring It On airs each Monday evening from 6-7 p.m. Training is available. This is a volunteer position but for-credit internships are available for students. Job description below: Bring It On Board Engineer Run the broadcasting board during live public affairs …

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2015 ELECTION RESULTS: Bloomington and Ellettsville


100% of precincts reporting     CITY OF BLOOMINGTON   Mayor John Hamilton (D): 77% John Turnbull (R): 23%   City Clerk Nicole Bolden (D): 100%   City Council District 1 Chris Sturbaum (D): 67% Dave Nakarado (L): 33% City Council District 2 Dorothy Granger (D): 100% City Council District 3 Allison Chopra (D): 72% Nelson Shaffer (R): 29% City …

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Interchange – Tracking Subversives: Alan Wald On the Development of the Literary Left

Alan Wald (2011)

According to or my guest, Alan Wald, the aim of the literary radical is “to endow history with meaning.” Literary radicalism is less a noun than a verb….It’s a work in progress, an evolving tradition of activism and commitment obsessed with its own identity. Its orders, its achievements, its efficacy.* We track three “subversives” in our program and offer their …

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Ins and Outs of Money – What’s in the Cards for the Future?

Increased security “pin and chip” credit cards are becoming the norm outside the USA—you don’t want to be caught on a trip overseas without one. Hear what to do to prepare for the transition when it arrives here. Produced by Ryan Stacy and Associate Producer Kristina Wiltsee. It’s part of the It’s Your Money Project at Monroe County Public Library.

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Switchyard Brewing Company Opening South of Downtown

Switchyard Brewing Company is a Bloomington brew pub that started in 2014. Since then, owners Kurtis Cummings and Michael Korus have been brewing their beer in holding tanks in their garage. Now the company is beginning to develop. Reporter Hannah Boone has more on the company’s new location and growing fanbase.

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