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Park Workers Receive Raises in 2016 Budget

Seasonal workers at local parks can expect a four percent increase in their hourly wages next year, while permanent staff can expect a two percent raise. These proposals were part of the 2016 budget request presented by the Director of the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department, Mick Renneisen. Renneisen spoke to the Bloomington Board of Park Commissioners yesterday.  He first …

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Heroin Use on the Rise in Monroe County

Monroe County Coroner Nicole Meyer says there has been a startling increase in heroin and opiate related deaths in Monroe County. Meyer was quoted in an article in the Herald-Times. Overdose deaths have surpassed even that of car accidents. Between the years of 2012 and 2014 the number of heroin overdoses that made it to the IU hospital increased from …

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MCCSC Board Fields Complaints About Start Times

A student and a parent raised complaints last night about the start time for middle and high school students at local public schools. The Monroe County Community School Corporation Board of Trustees heard first from the Senior Class President at Bloomington High School North, Adrian Thompson.  The school day at Middle and High Schools in the district begins at 7:40 …

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Interchange – Mixed Nuts: Clint Eastwood’s Life In the Movies

Publicity photo for Rawhide, 1961

In a 2002 interview Patrick McGilligan said of Clint Eastwood, “I think he’s a lazy actor and a lazy director. He’s a great image. This book is about how the image and the reality complement each other. There’s a false morality about Clint, the false morality of his life, which becomes the false morality of his films. It’s a disgusting …

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Fun Around Town with No Money Down

College classes are back in session! You can have a social life this semester without going broke—if you know where to look for the many opportunities for free fun around town.

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A Conversation with the Gay-Straight Alliance at Bloomington High School North

Earlier this summer, Bloomington High School North made national headlines when students there decided to form what they called a Straight Pride Group. The group was reportedly going to offer “specific supports for heterosexual students”. Many saw the group as being anti- LGBTQ. After a public outcry, the group’s faculty sponsor backed out and the group never officially formed. Last …

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Daly Local News – August 25, 2015

Two Bloomington residents launched a crowdfunding campaign yesterday to bring a cat cafe to Bloomington. Elizabeth Retting and Jessie Wang are hoping to raise $25,000 to lease a space on Kirkwood Avenue to open “City Kitty and Brews”; A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Indiana House representative Eric Koch (pronounced “cook”) of Bedford. The lawsuit, brought by several citizen’s …

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Interchange – Preview: Sheepdog Theory in Eastwood’s American Sniper

by Doug Storm I watched American Sniper, prepping for tonight’s Interchange interview (6 pm) with Clint Eastwood biographer Patrick McGilligan, and discovered there is a bit of “warrior philosophy” inserted into Chris Kyle’s (the sniper) childhood in order to give him motivation; it’s about sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. Well, this was cribbed for the movie (it’s not in Kyle’s autobiography according to …

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Activate! – Exotic Feline Rescue: Blue Butterfly Woman


Blue Butterfly Woman talks about the Exotic Feline Rescue center and the excitement and joy it brings to volunteers and visitors alike as well as its amazing work in saving exploited and abused exotic animals, including big cats. Also, more volunteer opportunities to work with animals from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network. LINKS Exotic Feline Rescue Center Animal Rehabilitation PALS …

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County Prepares Zoning for Potential Solar Farms

On August 18th, the Monroe County Plan Commission recommended changing the county’s zoning regulations to include solar farms in the list of possible operations, or what the Planning Department calls ‘Conditional Uses”, in four of the county’s zoning types. Today, we will hear a report from Assistant News Director, David Murphy, on this proposed change for today’s WFHB community report.

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