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Interchange – Making the Case Against Cages; Being Vulnerable to Arrest


Segment One: Making the Case Against Cages. Prison abolitionist Micol Seigel, an associate professor in the departments of American Studies and History at Indiana University, discusses issues surrounding homelessness and incarceration in Bloomington and Monroe County.

The conversation focuses on the changes in the Indiana criminal sentencing codes that shift categories of crime, eliminates some offenses, changes the severity of penalties, and requires people convicted of crimes to serve a greater percentage of their sentence than previous rules. The impact of the rules is not yet clear, but some people in Monroe County worry that it will increase the burden on the County Jail.

While the sentencing guidelines are reported to have the effect of slowing the growth of the state’s prison population a December 2013 Associated Press Report states that the changes will actually have the opposite effect. According to Applied Research Services, Inc., the changes will increase the state’s prison population over the next 10 years due to the new law’s requirement that inmates serve at least 75 percent of their sentences. This will offset changes lawmakers made in reclassifying offenses and setting new sentencing ranges.

Segment Two: Being Vulnerable to Arrest. An interview with Bloomington Police Chief Mike Diekhoff conducted by WFHB Assistant News Director Joe Crawford from November 18, 2013 to discuss the announcement by the city of Bloomington of extra police patrols to be assigned to the downtown area, as well as along the B-Line Trail, and the fact that surveillance cameras will be used more extensively. The Herald Times reported that the new measures were targeted at panhandling, public intoxication, and vandalism. Diekhoff asserts that the police do not target classes of people but rather people’s public behaviors.


Producer & Host, Doug Storm
Board Engineer, Jonathan Richardson
Social Media, Carissa Barrett
Executive Producer, Alycin Bektesh

Books Unbound – Mina Loy: Feminist and Futurist


Poet and artist Mina Loy (1882–1966) was at the center of avant-garde movements of the early 20th century, but the difficulty of her poetry and her dislike of self-promotion led to decades of obscurity. Her first book was seized by U.S. customs for its frank approach to sex, reproduction, and women’s bodies. Much of her work remained unpublished until the 1980s, but the reevaluation of the literary canon since the 1990s has helped restore her reputation as a startlingly original voice in English letters. The episode features readings of “Parturition”, “The Effectual Marriage” and other short poems by Cynthia Wolfe; “Feminist Manifesto” by Sarah Torbeck; and “Love Songs to Joannes” by Berklea Going. Guest Jenny McComas, Class of 1949 Curator of Western Art after 1800 at the Indiana University Art Museum, visits the Unbound Cafe for a perspective on Futurist art in Loy’s cultural milieu. Produced and hosted by Doug Storm. Written by Doug Storm and Cynthia Wolfe.

Hola Bloomington – November 21, 2014


Hola Bloomington’s hosts Israel Herrera, Maria Auxiliadora Viloria, Minerva Sosa and Juan Pablo Soto host a special segment “Un Cafecito con” Latin American Music Center. The hosts interview the guests about their upcoming events. Also, they talk about President Obama’s executive order.

Los locutores de Hola Bloomington Israel Herrera , Maria Auxiliadora Viloria, Minerva Sosa y Juan Pablo Soto albergan un segmento especial “Un Cafecito con” Centro de Música Latinoamericana. Los locutores entrevistan a los invitados acerca de sus siguientes eventos. Además, hablan del anuncio ejecutivo del Presidente Obama.

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Permits for yard sales


The Ellettsville Plan Commission agreed it is time to revisit the possibility of requiring permits for yard sales during their meeting on November 6th. The commission has addressed this issue in the past when concerns regarding health code came up regarding a resident who operates a weekly yard sale and keeps items in his yard during the week. Planning department administrator Denise Line said she looked for guidance from Indiana Code but nothing specified a limit to how long a yard sale can last.
The commission put the issue on their agenda for their next meeting, December 4th, though they said they’d come to a standstill with the issue in the past.
The commission also gave the go ahead for a development on a property that had formally been designated a sinkhole.
The property was surveyed again in 2005 and 2014 and both times classified as inactive. Commission member Dan Swafford asked if the commission could be held liable if the sinkhole causes property damage in the future.
The sinkhole easement adjustment was unanimously approved.

‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving!


Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is a week from today. Voices on the Street will be on a week-long hiatus so we wanted to ask your friends and neighbors about their Thanksgiving traditions and what they’re thankful for this year.

New stop lights on West Bloomfield Road


The city of Bloomington is planning to install a new stop light on West Bloomfield Road. Matt Smethurst, an engineering field specialist for the city, told the Board of Public Works about the project at a meeting November 18th. He says the new stop light will improve access to the recreation center, and the construction will allow for some utility relocation.
The Board approved a $3,000 contract with James Stanger Excavating to remove the sidewalk and the tree.

bloomingOUT – November 20, 2014


Today Jeff Jewel talked to Monroe County Circuit Court Judge Elizabeth Cure about her journey to

becoming a judge, her judicial philosophies, and other programs she has been involved in

throughout her life. We also listened to Melissa Etheridge’s Tuesday Morning, a song dedicated to

United 93 passenger Mark Bingham and his family, along with all other 9/11 heroes. Frankie and

Arielle were back with another episode of Out on Campus and we also heard from Nick Tumino in

First Year Out.

Hosts Jeff Jewel, Jeff Poling
News Director Ryne Shadday
Producer Olivia Davidson
Executive Producer Alycin Bektesh
Engineer Carissa Barrett
Script Director Hayley Bass

The “Cover Monroe Project” host three events to assist residents with health care


The Affordable Care Act’s “Health Insurance Marketplace” is open for enrollment, and a group called Cover Monroe is hosting a variety of events to help residents enroll or re-enroll in health coverage. The “CoverMonroe Project” will hold three different types of events to increase service to residents: Education and Enrollment Fairs that educate citizens about available options; Health Plan Forums to help support selecting the insurance plan that best meets family needs, and specific “Coverage Navigator” appointments for one-on-one help. WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh speaks with Cover Monroe project Coordinator David Meyer about the enrollment period, the opportunities for coverage, and the ramifications for not being covered come February 15th in todays community report.

Last year 85 percent of those signing up for personal health insurance through the affordable care act got financial help to get covered. The price that people see when looking at plans online is the full coverage price, not necessarily the price they would pay once their individual finances are taken into account. Joining Anthem and Medwise in the Monore County Marketplace this year are United Health Care, Assurant Health, Care Source, and IU Health.

Proposed ordinance for Bloomington’s growing street-food sector


The city council heard from street vendors and restaurateurs during their meeting last night about a proposed ordinance that would address the growing street-food sector of Bloomington. Jason Carnes assistant director of economic sustainable development described some of the changes in an early presentation of this ordinance to the board of public works meeting over the summer. He says that the ordinance will be split to food trucks, push carts, and solicitors. The separation is intended to help streamline the process.

Councilmember Steve Volan said that last nights meeting was cordial, and everyone agreed that the ordinance needs an update, but that details still need to be worked out to balance the varying interests of food vendors. He related the experience to his past experience with the local food market.

A vocal vote on the ordinance showed the council in favor of the proposal 4 to one – two members were absent.

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