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Consumer watchdog series exposing scams in south central Indiana
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Bloomington Beware! – Holiday Scams Part 3


More info and warnings about holiday-themed scams that are suckering all too many victims at a time when we all should be happy and trusting, instead of fearful and suspicious.

Bloomington Beware! – Holiday Scams Part 2


There are more rotten rumors and crafty con-games going around this time of year than are dream’t of in your imagination, Horatio, and here’s the lowdown on more of them…even if your name isn’t Horatio.

Bloomington Beware! – Holiday Scams


The Holidays are a big time for both stores and scammers. Here’s a headsup on three of the con games that are going around right now.

Bloomington Beware! – Work At Home Scams


It sounds like a fabulous way to make extra money or keep yourself afloat financially, but instead of throwing you a life-preserver, these fraudsters are strapping you to an anchor and tossing you overboard.

Bloomington Beware! – Ebay Scams


The BBB has issued a warning about Ebay listings which take you to fake websites and steal your personal info. This could happen with most any online commercial site, and here’s how to spot the con and avoid it.

Bloomington Beware! – Top Ten Online Blunders


Indiana’s own David Letterman inspired this list of the Top Ten stupidest mistakes people can make on the internet — useful anytime, and especially with the holiday shopping season coming up.

Bloomington Beware! – Halloween!


Let’s keep kids safe! Here’s our regular reminder about what to watch out for — and what you don’t need to worry about — on this annual Fright Night.

Bloomington Beware! – Ebola Scams


Ebola is a very serious problem, but the worst danger we face right now is unscrupulous people pushing the panic button. Scammers and politicians are trying to use the outbreak to swindle you, and here’s why you don’t have to let them get away with it.

Bloomington Beware! – Staying Safe On Television


Infomercials are all over TV, especially late at night, and all too many of them range from “cheesy and shady” down to “outright fraud.” Here’s a look at the lies…which can be pretty funny, unless you’ve been a sucker.

Bloomington Beware! – Shellshock/Bash Bug


If you thought the “Heartbleed” bug was bad, get ready for Shellshock, as the Bash Bug is much, much worse. 70 percent of all computers — including your phone, maybe your car, and even your thermostat — have been vulnerable for over twenty years.

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