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Consumer watchdog series exposing scams in south central Indiana
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Better Beware! – Tax Time


Tax scams are bigger and nastier than ever, and some of the most likely victims won’t get warned unless YOU tell them! Here’s a quick look at the worst dangers.

Better Beware! – Fake Service Dogs


Some selfish people are claiming their pets are service dogs, to get them into places pets aren’t allowed. And some businesses are selling fake certificates to help this fraud!

Better Beware! – Videogame Malware


Ransomware – one of the nastiest cyber-attacks ever – is now hitting videogames. Want to have to cough up $500 to continue playing World of Warcraft? Watch out!

Better Beware! – Kids and Plumbing


BB got hit by two ripoffs last week: a scary email about sexual criminals “in your neighborhood” and a preposterous pitch for insurance on your water pipe. Thanks to the gonifs themselves for the research help!

Better Beware! – State of Deception


A warning from Indiana’s Secretary of State about fraudulent business letters which appear to come from her office!

Better Beware! – Supplement Scams


Almost half the population of America take herbal supplements – and now it turns out that some of the most popular brands don’t contain the herbs on the label! A major health headsup!

Better Beware! – Anthem Data Breach


Anthem Health Insurance is nationwide – from Indiana. Hackers just stole info on over 80 million Anthem customers – if you got heisted, here’s what you need to do right now.

Better Beware! – Kidnapping Smartphones


Ransomware has been an increasing danger for computers, but now the bad guys are targeting smartphones and other mobile devices. Beware, bigtime!

Better Beware! – Sneaky Email Scam


They almost got me last week…and if you aren’t very careful, they’ll get you too. Here’s one of the sneakiest spams I’ve ever seen.

Bloomington Beware! – Gold Diggers of 2015


Up next, our weekly consumer watchdog segment Bloomington Beware!

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