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Local Live – Jesse Lacy Trio


Jesse Lacy returns and this time he brought backup! The Jesse Lacy Trio sings songs of days gone by and speaks with us about transitioning from a solo act to a trio.

1. I Won’t Let You Down
2. Nobody Gives It Time
3. Like I Did
4. Better
5. Pack of Dogs

Firehouse Sessions – Shovels and Rope


Much is made of the on-stage chemistry between husband-and-wife Americana duo Shovels & Rope, who solder their harmonies with steady eye contact. During their visit to the WFHB studios, Cary Ann Hearst laughed it off, “We’ve been married for about ten thousand years!” Michael Trent backed her up, saying that the glances passed between them during sets are not about romance: “It’s communication. We’re talking about music.”

The Charleston-based band’s second album, 2012’s O’Be Joyful, made them stars on the country folk scene, with the single “Birmingham” picking up song of the year honors at the Americana Music Awards. Swimmin’ Time, released last summer, has resulted in even more national exposure, but the duo is sticking to their insulated DIY ethos. They talked with host Katie Moulton about collaboration, touring, and what they never leave home without (hint: it has paws).

Local Live – Nice Try


Local punk/pop trio Nice Try bring us a series of quick, hard-rockin’ melodies and express their love for canned potato chips.

1. No Good
2. Say Anything
3. Angry
4. Your Hair
5. Feels Right
6. The Worst
7. I Don’t Care
8. Micah

Jar – Host
Jim Lang, Dan Withered, Adam Reichle, Ilsa – Engineers
Erin Tobey – Producer
Jim Manion – Executive Producer

Firehouse Sessions – Two Man Gentleman Band


Two Man Gentleman Band joins us for our Firehouse Session series for a performance and chat with WFHB’s Jim Manion.

Originally aired on September 18, 2014.

Firehouse Sessions – Saintseneca


Saintseneca, the folk-rock quartet out of Columbus, Ohio, stopped by on a return trip through Bloomington to play a few songs off their spring 2014 release Dark Arc. Led by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Zac Little, the band works with acoustic instrumentation, foot-stomping melody, and wistful Appalachian-tinged vocals that have recently characterized many popular hipster-folk acts, yet their songs defy “Ho! Hey!” vapidity. In conversation with host Katie Moulton, the band discusses the DIY scene in Columbus, the strangest venue they ever played, and what to expect from their live shows (hint: it involves bodily fluids).

“Happy Alone”
“Only the Young Die Good”

Originally aired on April 14, 2014.

Firehouse Sessions – Lindi Ortega


Canadian Lindi Ortega is a girl from the north country, but in attitude, voice, and chops, she could pass for the raven-haired progeny of Dolly Parton. Ortega released two albums in one year, Cigarettes and Truckstops and Tin Star, both of which have been hits among WFHB’s deejays. In conversation with host Katie Moulton, Ortega introduced us to her new custom guitar, Sanchez, and discussed the unlikely way she got turned on to country music, bad dates, what it takes to make it in Nashville, and much more.

Songs include:
“I Ain’t the Girl” (new song)
“Hard As This”

Originally aired live on April 3, 2014.

Saturday’s Child: 20th Anniversary Special!

October 11, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Monroe County History Center

Saturday’s Child, WFHB’s longest-running live music broadcast, is 20 years old this year and we’re having a party. Join us for a super-special two-hour broadcast Saturday, Oct. 11, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Monroe County History Center when Saturday’s Child and the WFHB Fall Fund Drive join forces to bring you some of Bloomington’s premier musicians: Carrie Newcomer, Grey Larsen & Cindy Kallet, Jason & Ginger, and Tom Roznowski to celebrate our birthday and the fall fund drive.

As always, the bagels, coffee, juice and music are on us, and the show will be broadcast live on your community radio station, WFHB.

Firehouse Sessions – crash


photo 5The artist known as crash paid a visit to the WFHB studios while on tour with the Communion clubnight series. An erstwhile member of the Magnetic Zeroes, crash recently released his solo debut, Hardly Criminal, and its lead single “Motional Animal” has been a hit among our volunteer deejays.

A Louisiana boy now living in California, crash brings a distinctive busker charisma to his folky, funky soul sound. Also impressive was his current touring band, assembled just a week earlier, which he dubbed the “Holy Trinity” and whose backing vocals beautifully supported crash’s powerful “Cajun Prince” falsetto.

Originally aired on September 9, 2014.

Firehouse Follies – Ukulele Lady


WFHB Firehouse Follies Presents “Ukulele Lady”

The Unusual Suspects Radio Acting Company
Special Guest: Mark Stuart

The Uketones
The WFHB Gospel Gurlz
The Firehouse Rounders
Arbutus Cuningham

Originally aired on September 7, 2014 at the Ivy Tech Waldron Whikehart Auditorium

Firehouse Sessions – Iron and Wine


Sam Beam, better known by his stage name of Iron & Wine, visited the WFHB studios before playing a sold-out show at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. Over the last two Iron & Wine albums, Beam has expanded his sound with bigger arrangements, dabbling in jazz and R&B, and touring with a twelve-piece band. On this short tour, however, Iron & Wine is back to its roots—just Beam and his acoustic guitar, singing folk songs with gorgeous melodies and deceptively dark lyrics. We discussed his background as a filmmaker and professor, and how listeners take ownership of his songs. Why did he choose the name “Iron & Wine”? “Because Sam Beam sounds kind of lame.” Upon request, Beam performed “Joy,” “Upward Over the Mountain,” and “Love and Some Verses.”


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