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Interchange – Laura Reagan: Columbus Day


This week on Interchange, host Louis Malone IV discusses Christopher Columbus and the Federal Holiday Columbus Day.  Ms. Reagan is a local activist, IU graduate student, and is a former officer in the Natvie American Community Center of Bloomington.  During the discussion, the guest discusses the truth and the myth of historical Columbus, the origin of the Federal holiday, and the state of Columbus as an American icon today.

Third Annual VA ‘Stand Down’ This Thursday To Help Local Veterans In Need


This Thursday Bloomington will host the third annual South Central Indiana Veterans Affairs Stand Down.

A large group of locally based service organizations, along with the City of Bloomington and the Monroe County government, will sponsor the local effort to help American military veterans facing housing problems and poverty.

Mary-Jane McNabb, a social worker with the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs, explains the origins of the Stand Down.

“Back in the Vietnam era, when soldiers came back from the field, they would come back to what’s called a ‘stand down’ where they got fresh clothing or new shoes or whatever they needed,” McNabb says, “The idea behind the Stand Down now is to provide veterans that are experiencing homelessness to services like free haircuts, flu shots and helping them get signed up for any government benefits they might need. We want to put all these things in one location to make things easy.”

The Stand Down project is a national, collaborative effort between local offices of the veteran’s administration, federal, state, and local government agencies, and community organizations who serve the homeless.

“Just having all the support from the community has been invaluable,” McNabb says, “Without that, we wouldn’t be able to do as much as we can. After the VA provides the opportunity for the event, then the community steps in and takes over. Hopefully this year we hope to reach out to more veterans in surrounding counties.”

Veterans who attend the event will receive essential supplies such as clothing, hygiene kits, blankets, gloves, scarves and other basic supplies.

“I’m a social worker so I continue to see a lot of these veterans on a regular basis and seen how the Stand Down has benefited them through the years,” McNabb says.

The local Stand Down is Thursday October 17 from 10 am to 2 pm, at the American Legion, Post 18, located on West Third Street in Bloomington.

A free lunch will be provided. The Shalom Community Center will provide a free shuttle service to and from the event every fifteen minutes.

Attendees must provide proof of their veteran status in order to be admitted, with either a Defense Department Form 214 or a VA issued identification card.



As Government Shutdown Continues, Local Group ‘Concerned Citizens’ Holds Rally In Front Of Rep. Todd Young’s Office


Despite it being closed and empty, a demonstration took place yesterday outside of Representative Todd Young’s Bloomington office, to protest his role in the federal shutdown.

A local group called the Concerned Citizens of Monroe County held a rally at the Showers Plaza office of Congressman Young, to demand he put aside partisan interests and work to end the shutdown.

It came together by a group of concerned citizens that weren’t all Democrats, although many were, says Trent Deckard, Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party.

“We’re concerned about the shutdown and we wanted to voice our opinions to Congressman Young and let him know this is having an effect on folks,” Deckard says.

A furloughed federal employee spoke for the group along with other people voicing their concerns.

Unfortunately for the attendees, there was no one at the office to hear the protest, or speak to any of the protesters.

“The door was closed, the lights were off and there was a sign saying it was closed indefinitely,” Deckard says, “Congress is exempt from the shutdown and Young could have chosen to have his office open with a skeleton staff. We decided to do this last Thursday and there were 80 people there. I’m sure at some point he caught knowledge of this but he didn’t have anyone there. We had a closed door facing us and that’s kind of reflective of how things are but we went ahead anyway.”

In light of his status as Chair of the County Democrats, we asked Deckard if he could offer any predictions about how these issues will pan out – whether to continue funding government operations at least until December, and whether to raise the debt ceiling to avoid a federal default.

“I never thought the shutdown would get this far,” Deckard says, “While I watch the news, I think to myself that surely it will work out but I’m getting more and more skeptical. Mr. Young needs to come forward and say that he is representing folks in Indiana that need services in this healthcare bill. Until he says this, Ted Cruz and those driving the position will keep pushing their agenda and that doesn’t reflect who we are in Indiana. As we get closer and closer to Thursday, it’s hard to stay optimistic.”

The deadline for raising the federal debt ceiling is this Thursday. If a resolution is not passed by Congress and signed by the President by then, the government will be prevented from borrowing funds to fund the deficit and debt, effectively creating a debt default.

The latest report from Washington is that the most recent effort to end the impasse has failed.

The Strike Mic – October 15, 2013


This week on The Strike Mic, a musical and informational event will address the recent layoffs of Indiana University staff, as well as the decision to dismantle the Indiana School of Journalism.

Tune in every Tuesday for a new edition of The Strike Mic, a weekly update from your friends and neighbors working to strengthen the voice of IU students and staff.

Daily Local News – October 15, 2013


The Strike Mic: a musical and informational event will address the recent layoffs of Indiana University staff;Despite it being closed and empty, a demonstration took place yesterday outside of Representative Todd Young’s Bloomington office, to protest his role in the federal shutdown; This Thursday Bloomington will host the Third Annual South Central Indiana VA Stand Down.

Monroe County Affordable Care Act Resources
The City of Bloomington, IU Health Bloomington, and the Affordable Care Act Volunteers of Monroe County are partnering for a series of informational events to help citizens understand the recent Affordable Care Act provisions that went into effect at the beginning of the month. WFHB correspondent David Murphy speaks with David Meyer, organizer for the Affordable Care Act Volunteers of Monroe County, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Did you know that Americans spend eight billion dollars celebrating Halloween? Ashley and Sarah walk you through the typical spending and some places to save, while still having a fun and safe holiday on the Ins and Outs of Money, our weekly segment providing economic education to keep your budget balanced, and connecting you to community resources that keep your finances flourishing.

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Bring It On! – October 14, 2013


William Hosea and Clarence Boone welcome Vernon Williams, senior vice president for Communications with Indiana Black Expo and Charla Booth from Word of Mouth Productions.

This past weekend, Indianapolis hosted yet another successful Circle City Classic Weekend. One of the key organizers is Vernon Williams, senior vice president for Communications with Indiana Black Expo. Vernon stops by to provide a wrap-up on the Circle City Classic and he brought along with him Charla Booth from Charla Booth from Word of Mouth Productions, who joins us to talk about an upcoming theatrical production scheduled for this weekend in Bloomington that coincides with the Neal-Marshall Alumni Club Reunion. They both join Clarence and William to discuss their respective topics.

Headline news and local calendar events of interest to the African-American community.

Hosts: William Hosea and Clarence Boone
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Polling Results on Indiana’s Marriage Amendment


Freedom Indiana is challenging survey results released by the Indiana Family Institute (IFI) concerning gay marriage rights in Indiana. Earlier this month the IFI released poll results showing strong support for a marriage amendment among Hoosier voters. According to its news release, two-thirds of Indiana voters favor defining marriage solely as the union of one man and one woman. Jennifer Wagner, communication director for Freedom Indiana, said according to their survey more than 60 percent of Hoosiers do not think amendments should be made to address the issue of same sex marriage, and more than 70 percent say they believe same sex couples deserve more legal recognition.

“We strongly disagree with their polling results,” Wagner said. “To us, the Indiana Family Institute poll is an outlier, we question the methodology that they used because it doesn’t match up with any other polling that’s been done on this issue, either statewide or nationally.”

Wagner said Freedom Indiana’s survey was conducted by a respected GOP pollster, Christine Matthews, who has been polling in Indiana for two decades, most notably for former Governor Mitch Daniels.

“There have been other polls recently done statewide,” Wagner said, “by Ball State, by WISH-TV, that show the issue of the marriage amendment is roughly evenly split. And then when you further ask Hoosiers, what do they think about legal protections for same-sex couples, do they think that the constitution is the place to have this conversation, it becomes even more on our side of the issue.”

The IFI’s work, according to their website, focuses on “public policy, research, and education regarding the health and well-being of all Hoosier families.” Freedom Indiana is opposed to an amendment that would permanently alter the Indiana Constitution’s definition of marriage.

Daily Local News- October 14, 2014


The Freedom Indiana organization is challenging survey data results released by the Indiana Family Institute concerning how Hoosiers feel about same-sex marriage amendments. The Bloomington Food Policy Council will hold its fall quarterly public meeting next Monday at the Hilltop Garden and Nature Center. A celebration of Carl Sagan Day will take place this Saturday at the Indiana Memorial Union. Bloomington Technology Partnership announced a career and internship fair for November 5th at the Monroe County Convention Center. The Bloomington Utilities Service Board rejected an appeal from Mother Bear’s Pizza, requesting permission not to comply with a city ordinance that requires it to install a new grease trap.

Young on Government Shut Down
The shutdown of federal government services continues, with the exception of a few services deemed essential and restarted with Congressional consent. For today’s WFHB feature exclusive, we hear a discussion between WFHB correspondent David Murphy and Republican Congressman Todd Young, representative in the House for Indiana District 9.

Mary Boutain talks about the Area 10 Agencies work in Monroe and Owen County, including Owen County’s largest free health fair in recent memory happening on October 18th.

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Daily Local News – October 11, 2013


Cable Access Television Services producers at the Monroe County Public Library won four awards at the Philo Festival of Media Arts last Saturday; On October 3rd the Ellettsville Plan Commission debated several major amendments to the town’s zoning laws; Researchers at Indiana University’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and the Maurer School of Law, have been awarded a four year grant from the National Institute of Justice; The Indiana University Foundation has appointed Joyce Q. Rogers as vice president for development and external relations for diversity, equity, and multicultural affairs, and as senior advisor for strategic development initiatives; This weekend in local sports.

Local organizations scout the listening area for service help on Volunteer Connection, linking YOU to current volunteer opportunities in our community.

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Freedom Indiana To Hold Community Meeting Sunday To Inform Hoosiers Marriage-Defining HJR-6 Bill


Freedom Indiana is holding a community meeting this Sunday, to discuss information about the organization and effects of the HJR-6 Bill.

Communications Director Jennifer Wagner gives more detail on the organization.

“Freedom Indiana is a bipartisan, statewide organization,” Wagner says, “We recently stood up to oppose HJR-6 that would restrict freedom for certain Hoosiers, define marriage, and harm Indiana’s economy.”

According to Freedom Indiana, the HJR-6 Bill defines marriage as, QUOTE, “Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.” END QUOTE.

The bill would alter the Indiana Constitution’s stance on marriage, and it could affect rights related to marriage that are currently under Indiana law.

The goal of the Freedom Indiana meeting is to raise awareness for the organization, and to educate lawmakers and Hoosiers about the amendment.

“Our goal is to build the largest grassroots constituency campaign in Indiana history,” Wagner says, “We want to contact as many Hoosiers as we can to let them know how harmful it would be to them and their fellow Hoosiers. We hope they let their lawmakers know that it’s not something that needs to happen now.”

The meeting will be held this Sunday at 5:30 pm, in the Unitarian Universalist Church.



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