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Volunteer Power
As Indiana’s first community radio station, WFHB has been volunteer-powered since 1993. We operate with a small paid staff and over 200 volunteers. WFHB volunteers that meet the yearly hourly requirement are also considered Participating Members of Bloomington Community Radio, Inc. Participating Members have the right to one vote at the WFHB Annual Meeting. This vote entitles the member to select from a group of candidates for the WFHB Board of Directors and vote on any business brought before the membership (See links below for full review of the WFHB By-Laws and Governance Document).

Volunteers at WFHB come from all walks of life. From programming and announcing to production and administrative support, there are many different volunteer opportunities at WFHB, such as:

-front office administration
-CD reviewing
-music programming
-news headline/feature writing
-production and engineering (both in news and music departments)

Volunteer Orientation
On most months, WFHB conducts a new volunteer orientation meeting. This meeting takes place on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at the WFHB Firehouse located at 108 W. 4th Street (between Walnut and College). For more information email volunteer@wfhb.org.

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