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Daly Local News – August 25, 2015


Two Bloomington residents launched a crowdfunding campaign yesterday to bring a cat cafe to Bloomington. Elizabeth Retting and Jessie Wang are hoping to raise $25,000 to lease a space on Kirkwood Avenue to open “City Kitty and Brews”; A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Indiana House representative Eric Koch (pronounced “cook”) of Bedford. The lawsuit, brought by several citizen’s action groups, alleged that Koch and House Republicans violated Indiana’s freedom of information laws when they refused to release e-mails between Koch and several energy companies; City regulators approved a deal yesterday with a company that was found to be releasing too much metal in its wastewater. At its meeting last night, the Bloomington Utilities Service Board agreed to a pollution abatement process with Indiana Metal Craft, located at 4602 Innovation Crescent, on Bloomington’s west-side; A series of arts performances in People’s Park kicked off this afternoon with the local quartet, The Hoosier Darlings. More performances by local musicians will take place every Tuesday, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., from now until September 29th.

Earlier this summer, Bloomington High School North made national headlines when students there decided to form what they called a Straight Pride Group. The group was reportedly going to offer QUOTE “specific supports for heterosexual students” UNQUOTE. Many saw the group as being anti-LGBTQ. After a public outcry, the group’s faculty sponsor backed out and the group never officially formed. Last week, WFHB’s BloomingOUT hosted a discussion that issue and others with the gay-straight alliance at Bloomington High School North. Hannah Jesseph is a member of the alliance and Greg Chaffin is the faculty sponsor. We bring you a portion of that conversation now for today’s WFHB community report. Chaffin begins by discussing the origins of the gay-straight alliance at North.

WFHB’s weekly financial segment The Ins and Outs of Money.

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IDEM Asks For Public Comment On Water Quality and Supply

The state wants public input into its decision making process on designating which watersheds in Indiana may be unfit for use. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management  has issued a notice that is it seeking public comment on a draft list of what it refers to as impaired waters.

This process happens every two years. This biennial review, in turn, forms the basis for further studies and watershed planning efforts in communities across the state by IDEM that is then uses to help ensure that Indiana waters are healthy enough to support activities such as swimming and fishing, and, where needed, to provide public water supplies.

The public comment period is open through July 29th.

Here is the link to the states watershed resource.

Daily Local News – October 30, 2013


Trick-or-treat hours in Bloomington have been postponed to Friday, due to severe weather concerns on Halloween night; Last week Indiana State Superintendent Glenda Ritz announced she is suing all ten members of the Indiana State Board of Education for allegedly violating Indiana’s ‘Open Door’ law; On October 24th, the Bloomington Board of Zoning Appeals gave permission for a company to store hazardous chemicals on its property on the south side of the city; The City of Bloomington Sanitation Department will host a free Electronics Recycling program this Saturday; A proposed water rate increase would cost residents of Ellettsville an average of about three dollars more per month.

Local Money Pays for Ivy Tech Building
The Bloomington City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on a two million dollar deal that would help Ivy Tech Community College buy a new building next to its campus. The building would be used for nursing school programs, among others. The deal is being funded by certain property owners on the west side of town through what is known as a TIF district. Taxes on new development in that district help pay for roads, sewers, and other infrastructure projects in the district. In July, Ivy Tech Bloomington chancellor John Whikehart said the college needed money, partially because it was having problems getting funding from the state. Assistant News Director Joe Crawford talked to Monroe County Attorney Jeff Cockerill about why the TIF district’s funds would be spent on Ivy Tech, and how the new development could help the area. We bring you that conversation for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

The 75th Anniversary of Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds broadcast is a good time to remember that there are lots of Halloween stories that aren’t true…but there are some dangers you should watch out for, on a new edition of our consumer watchdog segment Bloomington Beware!

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