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Interchange – Confronting Black Jacobins: “The Cannibals of the Terrible Republic”

It was Thomas Jefferson who called the Black Jacobins “the cannibals of the terrible republic” in a letter to Aaron Burr dated 11 February 1799. …it is impossible the French should invade us since the annihilation of their power on the sea, our constituents will see in these preparations the utmost anxiety to guard them against even impossibilities. the Southern …

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Interchange – Tim Lovelace and Eileen Braman: Constitution Day

This week on Interchange, host Lisa-Marie Napoli, a member of the PACE [Political and Civic Engagement] faculty, interviews Tim Lovelace from the Maurer School of Law and Eileen Braman from Political Science Department about this foundational and essential, yet little-known document. Did YOU know there was a U.S. holiday called “Constitution Day”? A law establishing “Constitution Day” was created in …

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