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Standing Room Only – Citizens United, A Narrative

On Oct. 4, a monologue written by James Allison, “Justice John Paul Stevens Dissents,”  was performed by actor/violinist/school board member Lois Sabo-Skelton. The monologue, based on Stevens’ powerful dissent from the 2010 Citizens United ruling, focuses on the corruptive potential of limitless corporate spending in our elections. The performance was followed by Q&A and a reception. Direction by Steve Krahnke, …

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Monologue “Justice John Paul Stevens Dissents” Performance October 4th

The monologue “Justice John Paul Stevens Dissents” will be held on October 4 in Bloomington. The monologue was written by local activist James Allison, and will be performed by actor, violinist and school board member Lois Sabo-Skelton. Sabo-Skelton says that they are doing the event on behalf of the Move To Amend Organization. “The two ideas is that a corporation is …

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