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Interchange – Women and Children First: The Dialectic of Sex

Our topic today is Shulamith Firestone’s radical feminist book The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution, published in 1970. But first a brief note on the death of Kate Millett, last Wednesday, September 6th. Listeners of Interchange will know we discussed Millett’s own radical feminist book, Sexual Politics, back in May with Maggie Doherty. Doherty wrote an obituary …

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Interchange – José Martí: The Whole Revolution

Today on Interchange we confront the insidious myth of individualism with a contrasting scientific doctrine of interconnectedness. Much like the male brain and thoughts of sex, in the USA hardly a moment goes by without some commercial or institutional message encouraging us to “follow our dreams” and be true to ourselves. And it’s assumed we act on “our own” when …

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Interchange – The Strange Life of Work: Kathi Weeks

Our program today is about the problem of work. In “Life Without Principle” Henry David Thoreau, our great American guide to “getting a life,” wrote of Those slight labors which afford me a livelihood…are as yet commonly a pleasure to me, and I am not often reminded that they are a necessity. So far I am successful. But I foresee …

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Interchange – Frantz Fanon: Toward a New Humanism

Psychiatrist, philosopher, writer, activist and insurgent, Frantz Fanon influenced such revolutionary leaders as Malcolm X and Che Guevara. Fanon was a political radical and a Marxist humanist concerned with the psychopathology of colonization, and the human, social, and cultural consequences of decolonization. He died of leukemia at just 36 years of age in December of 1961, just one year before …

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