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bloomingOUT – February 5, 2015


Tonight, hosts Jeff Poling and Ryne Shadday discuss America’s view of the gender spectrum and sexuality as a whole, as well as some ways we can continue to cut down on the amount of homeless LGBT youth in the community. Host Jeff Jewel interviewed guest Laura Ingram of Prism Youth. If you would like more information about Prism Youth, you may email Laura at prismyouthcommunity@gmail.com or visit them on Facebook at Prism Youth Community – Bloomington. We also heard a weekly segment of Out on Campus, discussing the relationship between being LGBT and being religious with Arielle Soussan. Our other weekly segment, First Year Out featured Nick Tumino talking with friend, Brice, about finding a community, in Bloomington and elsewhere, social media norms, dating on social media, and self-confidence issues stemming from social media. The bloomingOUT team would like to give special thanks to our guest Laura Ingram.

Hosts Ryne Shadday, Jeff Poling, Jeff Jewel
Executive Producer Joe Crawford
Producer Olivia Davidson
Script Coordinator Hayley Bass
Board Engineer Carissa Barrett

bloomingOUT – June 26, 2014


Professor of Law & Policy with SPEA at IUPUI, Faculty Fellow with Centers for Religion and American Culture and School of Liberal Arts as well as Director of the Center for Civic Literacy Sheila Kennedy discusses the significance of education and understanding of constitutional law as relates to public policy, civil rights/freedom and same sex marriage. Helen and Michael chat about their reactions to same sex marriage legalization in Indiana. Bloomington Pride/Summer Fest Director Sarah Perfetti and Member Abby Hinkle stop by to share the excitement of having been the second couple to marry in Monroe County/Bloomington after the same sex marriage ban was declared unconstitutional by Federal Judge Richard Young. Prism Youth Community and Summer Fest Activities Officer Laura Ingram and Bloomington High School South student Spencer Biery provide information about planning for the pride summer fest and the Prism Youth group.

Producer Carol Fischer
Executive Producer Alycin Bektesh
Board Engineer Carissa Barrett
News Director Josh Vidrich
Original Theme Music Mikial Robertson
Announcer Sarah Hetrick

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