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Indianapolis Area Cities Continue to Challenge Lawsuit

Four Indiana cities are continuing to challenge a lawsuit by conservative groups seeking to have the cities’ human rights ordinances overturned. The lawsuit, filed by the Indiana Family Institute and several other affiliated groups, names Indianapolis, Columbus, Carmel, and Bloomington as defendants. Officials from the four cities first challenged the lawsuit in Hamilton County, where they argued that the plaintiffs …

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Veteran and Housing Status Added to Bloomington Ordinances

Earlier this month, the Bloomington City Council added Veteran Status and Housing Status to the list of protected classes in the Bloomington Human Rights Ordinance. The recommendation to do so came from the city’s Human Rights Commission. At the meeting, the Chair of the Commission, Byron Bangert, and its Director, Barbara McKinney, spoke on this recommendation. WFHB Assistant News Director, …

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An ambassador’s view of the Syrian conflict.

On Thursday November 7th Former Ambassador to Syria Rajendra Abhyankar provided an overview of the situation and helped audience members understand the complexities of the war, chemical weapons, and UN Resolutions. Indiana University student and Syrian native Rahaf Safi will share viewpoints and anecdotes from her family back home and discuss humanitarian concerns. This event was recorded on location at …

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Interchange – Fred Cate: Government Surveillance, Then and Now

This week on Interchange, host Joe Crawford speaks with Indiana University Law Professor Fred Cate, an expert on privacy and “cybersecurity”. Cate talks about government surveillance on the local, state and national levels – from the spying apparatus at the National Security Agency, to cell phone intercepts by the Indiana State Police, to new surveillance cameras in downtown Bloomington. Cate …

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