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“We Didn’t Ask” – A Secretive History in Vietnam


Everyone has a story to tell. And as loved ones grow older, those stories become more and more precious to their family members. But what do you do when they have stories that they don’t want to tell? Indiana University student David Crosman brings us the story of his Grand Uncle, Louis Adams, and his secretive involvement in the Vietnam War. This story comes courtesy of American Student Radio and the IU Media School.

Interchange – The State of Terror: Guantanamo Diary


“The State of Terror: Guantanamo Diary”

Part One: “Presenting Redacted”
Joan Hawkins and Tony Brewer discuss selections of Guantánamo Diary they chose to perform as part of a collaboration between WFHB’s Books Unbound and The Writer’s Guild at Bloomington. We talk about the force of the redactions made in the text; if the narrative is effective as an “abolitionist” document; Tony reads selections from the book.

Part Two: “Dear Reader”
Scott Korb discusses Guantánamo Diary in relation to the 19th century American slave narrative.

Joan Hawkins is an Associate Professor in the Dept of Communication and Culture at Indiana University, soon to be part of the new Media School. She’s also a member of the Progressive Faculty Coalition and an active member of the Writer’s Guild at Bloomington—her academic writing focuses on horror and the avant-garde. Her creative writing centers around memoir.

Tony Brewer is chair of the Writers Guild at Bloomington and executive director of the Spoken Word Stage at the 4th Street Arts Festival. He is a poet, spoken word performer, screenwriter, and live sound effects artist, as well as a book compositor at Indiana University Press and a regular reader on WFHB’s Books Unbound.

Scott Korb teaches writing at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts which is part of the New School. Korb’s book Light Without Fire (2013), an intimate portrait of the first year at America’s first Muslim college, will be released in paperback on July 14th. He is also associate editor of The Harriet Jacobs Family Papers (2008), which was awarded the American Historical Association’s 2009 J. Franklin Jameson Prize.

Korbs articles on Guantanamo Diary
“Guantánamo Diary and the American Slave Narrative”
“Forced Feeding: The Torture of Keeping Detainees Alive”

“Bodies” by Drowning Pool
“The Taliban Song” by Toby Keith

Host & Producer: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Adam Reichle
Special thanks to Books Unbound Producer Cynthia Wolfe for providing a selection from their Guantanamo Diary presentation of April 25.
Executive producer is Joe Crawford

Firehouse Sessions – Jesse Lacy & Hilary Scott


Jesse Lacy returns to the WFHB studio, this time he is joined by Hilary Scott, winner of the Folk/Americana Album Of The Year from The National Traditional Country Music Association.

1. Pack of Dogs
2. Calls from Springfield
3. Like I Did

Interchange – PCBs Under the Rug: A 2007 Interchange Interview


…in a community that would like to pride itself on being environmentally friendly and attracting people to a safe, comfortable place to live, such as Bloomington, we don’t want to admit that we’ve got this huge unresolved problem; it’s not good for our image. I think the community leaders, the elected officials, have been schizophrenic about dealing with this problem they’ve had a lot of reservations with facing up to it….You can’t just sweep it under the rug. It’s an ethical issue. –Mick Harrison, Public Interest and Environmental Attorney

Yesterday WFHB’s Daily Local News reported that though there has been relatively little public discussion about the contaminants in the past decade, a citizen group called Healthy Monroe County has recently reignited the issue. And on April 30th WFHB’s EcoReport aired an interview with Public Interest and Environmental Lawyer Mick Harrison, and Retired Senior Greenpeace Scientist Pat Costner about PCBs, their health effects, and the current state of the clean-up in Monroe County.

In complement to this we revisit an archive Interchange from September of 2007 about PCB contamination in Bloomington and the ongoing struggle of local activists and concerned citizens to make headway on a real clean-up of this environment hazard which was inflicted on Bloomington by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation between 1957 and 1977.

Westinghouse’s disposal practices were neither abnormal or illegal during this period. However, with the passage of environmental legislation in the 1970s, these disposal practices were halted. Furthermore, environmental legislation made those responsible for pollution strictly liable for the cleanup even if their disposal actions were legal at the time. In 1977 Westinghouse halted production of capacitors using PCBs due to the Toxic Substances Control Act that specified PCBs as a hazardous substance.

Since 1957…58 years and counting…

In this archive episode of Interchange Host Mylo Roze probes Bloomington’s PCB problem with key figures in the fight for public health. Mylo is joined in the studio by Environmental Attorney Mick Harrison and Citizen Activist Greg Moore. Addressed are the history, scope, sites and current status of PCB contamination in the Bloomington area due to dumping by the Westinghouse corporation. The state of then-current litigation against the EPA and the initiation of a new Action Group to get the remaining PCB contaminated materials and soil into sealed bunkers are explained. Possible liability of the City of Bloomington, cover-ups by local government officials and dump sites being ignored by the EPA are also mentioned. Toxic health effects, the ailments of former Westinghouse workers and our legacy of poisoning future generations are also dealt with in this ‘PCB episode’. The apathy and anxiety of the average Bloomingtonian regarding the issue are also spoken to by guests Moore & Harrison.


Decades-Old Document Lists Properties Suspected of PCB Contamination
Health effects and clean-up options for PCBs- full 30 minute interview
Interchange – Mick Harrison
Frey v E.P.A

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Adam Reichle
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

Acoustic Roots Festival – May 23 – Tickets now available online!

WFHB is pleased to announce the lineup for the 8th annual WFHB Acoustic Roots Festival. Bloomington native and Americana favorite Austin Lucas will headline the event. His father, Bob Lucas, will perform prior to Austin’s set.

WFHB’s Acoustic Roots Festival, will be held on Saturday, May 23, hosted by Upland Brewing Company at 350 West 11th in Bloomington. Festival gates will open at 2:00pm, with music from 3pm-11pm.

WFHB’s Acoustic Roots Festival is a fundraiser for Bloomington Community Radio. The festival focuses on the rich heritage of American roots music and is a showcase for local and regional artists.

The full festival lineup also includes: Hogwire String Band,  Tim Grimm & Jan Lucas,  Rusted String Swindlers,  Mark & Misty and The Midnight Munchers,  Rikki Jean & the DWBs,  Chris Dollar, and The Jesse Lacy Trio.

Admission to WFHB’s Acoustic Roots Festival is $20.00 in advance and $25 at the gate, with all proceeds after expenses supporting WFHB. Children under 12 are free.

Advance tickets will be available at WFHB, Bloomingfoods, and Upland Brewing Company beginning Saturday, May 1.

Advance tickets are available now online at: www.showclix.com/event/WFHBAcousticRootsFestivalt

Interchange – What’s the Matter with Voting?


Tonight’s show, “What’s the Matter with Voting,” will focus on some of the questions that surround the ways citizens think about what voting means, why it matters, or doesn’t, and the ways in which local elections fit inside national and state narratives of the electoral process.

Joining host Doug Storm are Marjorie Hershey and Joe Crawford.

Marjorie Hershey is a professor of political science at Indiana University where her research and teaching interests focus on political parties, campaigns, and elections. With regard to research, she continues to examine the process by which political activists and journalists construct explanations for election results.

Joe Crawford is the News Director at WFHB.

“Politics” by The Thompson Twins
“Ball of Confusion” by Love and Rockets

Host and Producer: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

Brown County Hour – Episode #38: May 3, 2015


☆ In this episode of the Brown County Hour:

  • Musical guests: The Hammer & The Hatchett
  • Jeff Tryon launches his new series, “My Brown County”
  • Vera Grubbs interviews artist Monique Cagle ofSleepy Cat Studio
  • Singer/songwriterCari Ray returns with another “For a Song”
  • Poetry by Carol Marks, Chris Curtain and BCH Poet Laureate, Gunther Flumm
  • Essays by Dave Seastrom and Rick Fettig
  • Guest host Paulette Justice delivers the May Brown County Community Calendar
✇ Theme music by Slats Klug & Friends.

Featured photo includes John Bowyer & Jayme Hood of The Hammer & The Hatchet in the BCH studio.

Activate! – Stamp Out Hunger: Jenn Hottell


Jerry Sutherland talks about Saturday’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive sponsored by the National Alliance of Mail Carriers, the United Way of Monroe County and the Hoosier Hills Food Bank. Also, more opportunities to volunteer to help reduce hunger and food insecurity in Monroe County from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.


Hoosier Hills Food Bank
Stamp Out Hunger Volunteers
Teens Potato Harvesting & Soil Health Project
Garden & Gleaning Programs

Interchange – Troubadours, Activists, and Acrobats: “A Show of Hats”


Guest Host Andy Mahler is joined by the musicians performing in “A Show of Hats,” April 29th, at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater: Dillon Bustin, Travis Puntarelli, and Marc Haggerty share the songs and stories that illustrate the power of community.

Travis Puntarelli is a troubadour in the traditional sense of the word. Born in California and raised in Bloomington, he was influenced by the diversity of this musical community. From early music events at IU to marching band at Bloomington North, from Player’s Pub to the Music Co-op, Travis has played throughout our community. He’s been taught and influenced by Anne Dunbar, Diane Demes, Janis Stockhouse, and Dr. Raymond Wise, among a wide array of musicians within the Bloomington community.

Dillon Bustin is a musician and songwriter who has had a profound and lasting effect on Bloomington. He writes about a wide variety of topics and experiences, including sailing on the ocean, boat building, homesteading, gardening and firewood. He reflects upon the humor of what we have all done to each other over the years and the situations we have made of our lives. Because of all this, his work transcends entertainment in its lasting importance to our community.

Aaron Comforty is a musician who plays, among many other instruments, guitar, bass, trumpet, and he also sings.

Marc Haggerty is a musician, an activist, and an acrobat. In no particular order.

Producer: Doug Storm
Guest Host: Andy Mahler
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

Interchange – Bloomington City Council Primary Candidates: District 5 Democrats


Host Doug Storm is joined by District 5 candidates for the Democratic nomination to run for the Bloomington City Council seat in November.

Isabel Piedmont-Smith
Kurt Babcock
Gabriel Colman

Previous Candidate Conversations
Interchange – Bloomington City Council Primary Candidates: District 1 Democrats
Interchange – Bloomington City Council Primary Candidates: District 4 Democrats
Interchange – Bloomington City Council Primary Candidates: District 3 Democrats
Interchange – Primary Candidates for Mayor: A Conversation

Democracy for Monroe County Forum, 3/31

“Vote for Me” – Chicago
“Mayor of Simpleton” – XTC

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

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