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Interchange – Who Owns the Radio? A Fund Drive Special

For our Fall Fund Drive show we offer some program highlights from the last several months to show, not tell, how deserving we are of your financial support. And we open the show with The Who’s “Eminence Front”…it’s a favorite of mine. We used this in the show with Thomas Frank, “It Takes a Democrat.” The sun shines And people …

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Interchange – Cuba In Africa, or Castro’s Worldview

Our show is Cuba in Africa, or what my guest today has called “Castro’s Worldview: Foreign Policy in a Hostile World.” Our music throughout also reflects the influence of Cuba in Africa and the struggle for independence by African nations. Our opening song, “Valodia” by Santocas, released shortly after Angolan independence is in praise of a guerilla fighter. Some of …

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Coming Up On Interchange – Cuba in Africa

Cuba in Africa We’re joined by Piero Gleijeses whose book, Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington, and Africa, 1959-1976, “bluntly contradicts the Congressional testimony of the era and the memoirs of Henry A. Kissinger.” The work sheds new light on U.S. foreign policy and CIA covert operations and revolutionizes our view of Cuba’s international role, challenges conventional U.S. beliefs about the influence …

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Standing Room Only: Big Power Shifts

On Friday, January 20th, or Inauguration Day, a panel of history professors got together to discuss big power shifts in history in relation to the inauguration of Donald Trump. The speakers talked about big power shifts in Ancient Rome, the French Revolution, Angola, and the Election of 1968. The four professors that spoke were Colin Elliot, Rebecca Spang, Marissa Moorman, …

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