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Standing Room Only – Bloomington City Issues 101: The City Planning Process


On September 8, 2015, the League of Women Voters of Bloomington and Monroe County hosted the first of two forums designed to inform the public about city issues in advance of the November election. In City Issues 101, Tom Micuda, Planning and Transportation Director of the City of Bloomington, explains the city planning process in detail. The forum begins with an introduction from League of Women Voters President Kate Cruikshank.

News and Public Affairs Committee minutes – September 17, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:07 PM

Present: Sarah Ryterband, Linda Greene, Maria McKinley, Joe Crawford

Absent: Cynthia Roberts-Hall

Minutes assigned: Sarah Ryterband

Committee Comment: NPA #1 & 2 in mentions in recent fund drive (FFD15) – 3 of top 4 reasons for donating to WFHB.

New Business:

David Pakman show – rejected by members for inclusion in line-up.

NPAC membership: still looking for new members – SR will request list of non-volunteer donors to NPA in FFD15. Some names of volunteers were offered as well.

NPA handbook/manual: Priority for NPAC is culling of policies for NPA volunteers, for awareness and accessibility.

Director’s Report:

FFD15: Thanks to NPAC for helping with NPA pitching. Will focus less on 5-5:30 shift and prioritize filling Democracy Now pitching shifts.

Quarterly WFHB member meeting to be held on 10/3.

Show updates: BloomingOUT has shown improvements. Next month: hosts of Better Beware, Ins and Outs of Money, and Hola Bloomington.

J460 class is approved for the Spring Semester, so there will be additional students in the station. Joe is currently working with the Banneker Center Project.

Committee Comment: Hola didn’t seem to pitch (note: Follow-up showed pitches were extremely abbreviated.)

LG asked what happened to Porch Swing. A discussion of storytelling and possibilities for the future ensued.

Draft minutes were approved by members at the conclusion of the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Submitted after final approval on 9/24/17 by S. Ryterband.

News and Public Affairs Committee minutes – July 23, 2015

NPAC mtg. called to order 7:04.
Present: Joe Crawford, Sarah Ryterband, Evelyn M. McKinley, Linda Greene, Carlos Bakota. Plus producers as listed below.
Review of 3 programs.  Interchange//Voices in the Street//Books Unbound.
Doug Storm  reported for himself and engineer Jonathon Richardson.
Show is going well.  [Lost partner Trish to WFIU.] -Booked into Nov.
It’s getting easier after 2 yrs on board.
Sarah commented on the timeliness achieved by shuffling.
Doug stated he does not get many suggestions for show content.
MERF on horizon and although it is out of his comfort zone he is ready to stretch and reach out.
Interchange had been able to address national  issues w/ local impact.

Joe is good resource.–helpful.  Has subbed for Jonathon as engineer on occasion.
Ideas for expansion: more engineers, researchers.
Would facilitate ability to look at multiple facets of same issue.
Doug does not want to be in managerial role.
Likes pertinent music for interludes.
Live shows easier and preferable.
Books Unbound Cynthia Wolfe.  brought  comprehensive hand out.
Been with show ~ 1 yr.
Could use more volunteers
Heather Perry production  assistant helps a couple -3 hrs a week.
Help needed on
-pre- editing (.depending on reader)
-script preparation
-advance  listeners.
Show is flush with plenty of readers.

Not so many..
Would like more contemporary literature
Were able to do so but with some restrictions as in Guantanamo Diary.
Suggest possibility of specific underwriters to cover licensing fees/copyrights.
Or Pursue grants as an option -
Show would be easier with more assistance.
Pluses:  more points of view and more readers.
Minus: need greater flexibility for time/schedules.

Cynthia commented that airtime may not be ideal slot owing to Issues w/ FCC.

Praised Joe for responsiveness.

Directors report.
Next fund drive is scheduled for September.
Marie reported on the  idea to seek business for matching funds….for well
supported shows.
Premium could include being a guest in the studio during airtime.
There’s been a switch of Counterspin w/ Shortwave Report for timeliness.
Kelly Wherley produces Voices.  ~12 years on board.

Main challenge is the nature of type of show itself based on
having to reach out to strangers to record people’s opinions.
Joe very helpful getting new interviewers.
Kelly acknowledges he may miss out on some pertinent issues.
Marie suggested news anchors could forward hot topics to him.

There’s a transition to a new format underway
Currently there’s a revolving door of interns—
seems that is likely to continue.
Joe does not want to have to be a constant presence…
but does converse with volunteers. Keeps tabs and recruits…
but up to Kelly to script and write questions.Needs= interviewers.
Kelly  responded to Sarah’s question about timing of the show that it is not a problem He also stated that he does not mind working on his own

Meeting adjourned 8:01

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – June 22, 2015


2015.06.22 Board Minutes

News and Public Affairs Committee minutes – June 18, 2015

NPAC Minutes

June 18, 2015

Meeting called to order 7:04 PM

In attendance: Sarah Ryterband, Joe Crawford, Maria McKinley, and Cynthia Roberts-Hall.

Committee Comment: Sarah suggested that she will work on getting new committee members during this next month and wants to record a request to listeners. Joe says he will help with the recruitment.

Director’s Report:

Joe stated that it was summed up in his report at the Annual Meeting at the beginning of the month. Otherwise, the new sound board is installed and is being test-run as we meet.

Also a Memorandum of Understanding with CATS is overdue,  as well as the verbal understanding being out-dated. There are details that Joe is acutely aware of because he regularly worked with the CATS personnel since he produced CATS week when he was the Assistant News Director. Maria and Sarah offered to speak with the GM about this.

Next Reviews: Interchange, Books Unbound, and Voices in the Street. We shall see the producers in July and do the reviews of the shows in August.

New Business: The need for a NPA Code of Ethics (CoE) became apparent again in the last month. As the meeting progressed, NPAC members recognized the need to refocus attention on a NPA Handbook which would contain the CoE as well as job descriptions for NPA personnel, so that expectations would be very clear.

Show Reviews:

Bring it On and BloomingOUT both received Yellow Lights and will be reviewed again in 6 months, following lengthy discussions of both programs. Specific concrete suggestions for both shows were delineated. Joe will be speaking with the producers.

The discussion of the programs led to a suggestion for interview training, which we believe would benefit many of our programs. We learned there is also a request for training in news writing from some volunteer staff.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Minutes were read and approved by the members.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Ryterband

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2015


2015.05.18 Board Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – April 27, 2015


2015.04.27 Board Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – March 23, 2015


BOARD MINUTES FOR March 23rd, 2015

Kelly Conference Room, #155, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN

    1. Present:  Joe Estivill, Maria McKinley, William Morris, Pamela Davidson, Sarah Borden, Louis Malone, Cleveland Dietz, Kelly Wherley (recorder).
    1. Approved, one abstention
    1. Cleveland brought to our attention the fact that the CPB is considering raising the standards for financial support of rural radio stations.  For us this would mean we would need to generate at least 300K a year outside of CPB support.  The reason for this increase is their desire to support larger, non-commercial stations.  Cleveland has been looking at the budget and thinks underwriting would be the best bet to hit this standard by the year 2017.  Also, the advertised goal for spring fund drive is 48K (which is different from the budgeted goal).  We’re going to have solicitations hit folks’ mailbox and e-mail box at the same time.  Dorothy has been a great help to the station in terms of generating excitement around the fund drive as well as organizing the current drive.  She’ll be having catchers write “Thank You” notes to donors when they’re not taking pledges.  Sue Peterson made special recognition of WFHB during Match Madness and was very pleased with our involvement.  Cleveland is also looking into software that will track underwriters and their history with the station.  We continue to use QuickBooks which is limited in ways (especially since only Cleveland can access it) and, with underwriting becoming a much bigger priority, we need a more dynamic way to ensure a good experience for our underwriters.  Brown County water is a couple months away from a decision on what they’re going to do out near our translator there, and our actions are going to be dependent on what they finally decide.  The new console is going to be installed mid- to late-May and we’re still learning about what we’re going to need to figure out, e.g., the Emergency Alert System and On-Air light triggers.  The quarterly meeting is going to happen on Saturday afternoon at the Waldron.
    1. The DD is working with Bloomerang, which is donor database software.  Once it’s fully incorporated, it will safe a bunch of time, especially with tracking donations and the like.
    1. Executive Committee
    2. Finance Committee

i.      Our 5K angel donor is a little caught up and we’re not sure when, exactly, that donation is going to come through.  They’ve been working on the budget and the last Fiscal year has been tough because there were one-time purchases that HAD to happen (HVAC and Audit).  We’re looking at aggressive plans to up the income and the fund drive 48K goal does not include the approximately 6K allotted for day sponsors.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      They’ve been looking at the by-laws and will be presenting to the board in the near future (but it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be able to put forth proposed changes before the 60-day deadline before the annual meeting).

  1. Personnel Committee

i.      Maria McKinley is now the chair of the Personnel Committee and has Sarah Ryterband here to be considered for appointment/nomination to the board (to fill in the vacancy from Rich Reardin).  There will be three positions up for election.  Louis Malone and Pamela Davidson will be running for re-election, Joe Estivill will not be running for re-election, and the term to be filled for Rich Reardin will expire in the summer of 2016.  Sarah gave the board an introduction to her experience and work and the board appointed her to fill the vacancy created by Rich’s departure.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual  (Louis Malone)

i.      Nothing to report

  1. New Board Member Nominations
    1. Elect Treasurer

i.      William Morris moved that Sarah Borden be elected Board Treasurer, Louis Malone seconds.  Motion passes.  Congratulations, Sarah!

  1. Strategic Plan Review/Next Step(s)

i.      Cleveland took us through the goals of the Strategic Plan and the degree of completion of them.  We discussed several of the ones we will NOT pursue (e.g., WFHB internet app).  The Strategic Plan encompasses a lot and is quite ambitious—we’ve completed a lot and made progress on even more and we’ll continue prioritizing them.

    1. Minutes from February 23rd passed.
    2. Sarah Ryterband was elected to fill vacancy created by departure of Rich Reardin.
    3. Sarah Borden was elected to be Board Treasurer.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – February 23, 2015


BOARD MINUTES FOR February 23rd, 2015

Kelly Conference Room, #155, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN

    1. Present:  Cleveland Dietz, William Morris, Sheryl Mitchell, Rich Reardin, Maria McKinley, Louis Malone, Kelly Wherley (recorder).  Guests:  Darin Bagley, Sarah Borden.
    1. Movement to approve November is good.
    2. Movement to approve December is good.
    3. Movement to approve January is good.
    1. The Assistant News Director search is ongoing.  There are five candidates and Cleveland, Joe Crawford, and Joe Estivill will be conducting all the interviews.  Cleveland also needs to begin staff evaluations and he needs a Personnel Committee member to help with those.  Cleveland is also participating in the CJAM Mediation classes.  Cleveland included the health insurance changes to the draft budget and those should be ready for Executive Committee review in April.  We also may have an opportunity to get up to six students for help with fund drive through IU’s service learning program.  The new board will not be implemented until after the Spring Fund Drive and is going to necessitate shutting down the air room for 5-7 days.  Pongo has been successfully resuscitated by the efforts of Johrdan Vicstein and the loss of information has been minimal.  Johrdan also included more storage and additional safeguards to help prevent Pongo from crashing again.  Cleveland has been working with Hondo Thompson and our increased involvement in the John Hartford music festival.  We’ve had a good deal of underwriting sales success in the last couple of weeks.  Dorothy Granger was also able to send thank you notes to the members whose contributions went towards purchasing the new board.  Match Madness is ramping up and could potentially increase our endowment fund by $25,000.  We also discussed having members represent WFHB at the awards ceremonies celebrating the work of Jim Manion and Alycin Bektesh.  Joe Estivill asked about the broadcast room and whether or not having DJs face the south window is feasible (since we’ll have the opportunity to reconfigure when we install the new board).
    1. Match Madness is running March 10th – 11th.   The online portion ends at 3pm on the 11th and the idea is to have people donate in person at Assembly Hall.  Joe Estivill asked that the development promos not always be at the top of the hour.  Cleveland said that new promos are in the works.  Rich Reardin requested more specifics accompany the DD’s report (e.g. goals, actuals, prospective sponsors).
    1. Executive Committee

i.      Nothing to report at this time.

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Cleveland is reporting:  Cleveland moved the donations given by angel donors from grants to membership gifts and a discussion was had as to how this affects the budget and how to keep these distinctions consistent in the future.  Notable expenses include three pay periods in January and a short period of time when Alycin and Joe Crawford were both full-time, as well as the fire alarm and facilities’ expenses.  We’re also in need of another board member on the finance committee and Joe Estivill has volunteered to be on it.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      No new policies to address at this time, but the next big thrust will be by-laws suggestions and the committee is meeting on the first and third Mondays.  We need to have another board member join this committee.  Louis Malone wouldn’t mind being a part of it.

  1. Personnel Committee

i.      Board Nomination Policy:  Kelly Wherley brought up the new guidelines regarding potential members bringing forth their nominations to the board vs. the public and the 75 days (vs. the 60 days for public) are an increased standard so the board can vet the candidate somewhat before announcing their candidacy publicly.  Sheryl moved that we accept the hiring/nominating policies as they are currently written, Wherley seconds, motion passes.  This will now be passed onto the Policy Committee.  Sarah Borden is here as a result of the Personnel Committee inviting her to potentially take the place of former board member Markus Lowe and we shall address her potential appointment later in the meeting.  Board members need also fill out the skills matrix so we can make sure we’re trying to fill areas of need within the board membership come elections in June.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual  (Louis Malone)

i.      Nothing to report, pushed.

  1. Hiring / Board Nomination Policy

i.      Has been discussed above.

  1. New Board Member Nominations

i.      We have to be seven members strong, we can’t be more than nine.  With the departure of Markus Lowe, especially in his role as board treasurer, we feel it’s prudent to fill the vacancy as opposed to let it linger.

  1. Health Insurance

i.      For those transitioning to the market, it won’t happen until April (we thought it would March) and salaries will remain the same until the transition officially takes place.

    1. Discuss Board Replacement

i.      Sarah Borden gave an introduction of herself and her work the Youth Services Bureau (grant writing, accounting, and overall business managing).  Louis Malone moves that we appoint Sarah Borden to the board, motion passes.  Sarah Borden gets a seat at the table, welcome Sarah!  Thank you for your effort!

  1. Elect (Interim) Treasurer

i.      Pushed until next meeting—Sarah has expressed interest in learning more about what the Treasurer position entails but otherwise we’re not prepared to make that decision right now.


  1. Minutes from November 2014 through January 2015 were approved.
  2. The Board Nomination Policy was approved.
  3. Sarah Borden was appointed to fill the board vacancy left by Markus Lowe.  Her term will end in the summer of 2017.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2015


BOARD AGENDA FOR January 26th, 2015

Kelly Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN


    1. Present:  Louis Malone, Sheryl Mitchell, Cleveland Dietz, Joe Estivill, Pamela Davidson, Maria McKinley, Rich Reardin, Kelly Wherley (recorder).   Guests are Darin Bagley, Cathi Norton, Richard Fish, and Joe Crawford.
    1. Tabled as the Secretary is way behind on minutes taking.
  3. New News Director Report
    1. Joe Crawford has been appointed News Director and he’s now full-time.  The Board welcomes him heartily.  The Board discussed the process for hiring the Assistant News Director.  We are in agreement that we would like the search to include external candidates as well as internal.  Cleveland requests that Joe be a part of the hiring process from the beginning to the end.  Louis Malone suggests posting the position immediately and have it up for two weeks and that will give the personnel committee time to finalize the hiring policy and use it as the hiring guidelines.
    1. Cleveland needs the board to vote formally to hire Joe and Cleveland moves that, while Alycin is still working as interim Assistant News Director, we make her salary exactly half her current rate.  Maria McKinley moves that we hire Joe Crawford full-time as the new News Director and Louis Malone seconds.  Motion passes.  Louis Malone moves that Alycin Bektesh be moved to Assistant News Director and her salary be one half of her current salary (beginning February 1st, 2015) and Pamela Davidson seconds.  Motion passes.
    2. Diversity Statement

i.      We need to adopt and commit to one of the four diversity strategies stipulated by the CPB.  We’re thinking of adopting two if we can do diversity training for free after the new board is elected.  We’ll look into that are definitely committing to “including qualified, diverse candidates in our slate of candidates for the board.”  Louis Malone moves that we accept the diversity statement as written and adopt the fourth strategy as our commitment to the CPB’s mandate on this, Pamela Davidson seconds.  (It’s been posted on the website for the past two months).  Motion passes.

ii.      Cleveland has signed up for conflict resolution that is a series of classes that will go through March 8th.  We need to move the quarterly meeting as a result of this—no formal decision on this at this meeting.

  1. Centennial Celebration.  Cleveland met with Paul Daly and for WFHB to be involved, and we’re going to go on a march in September instead of December.
  2. Facilities issue discussions with CATS have officially ended, and CATSweek discussions have officially begun.
  3. The News Room has got a door but not a yet a doorknob, but it will come soon!
  4. RadioFreeAmerica! Collaboration is just about finished and our radio show streaming capabilities will be ready by February 1st.  Firehouse Sessions are also officially available on the iTunes store.  We’re also very excited about the collaboration with the Pit Stop series.  Cleveland is going to be featured in the “Our Town” section of Bloom Magazine, which is exciting.
  5. Joe Estivill asked about whether or not the Development Director should be on the Finance Committee (she serves on the Development Committee).  He also mentioned that he floated Jim Manion as an “Arts Advocate” to the City of Bloomington, and also about some of the logistics behind the new underwriting structure—Cleveland has a plan to reward long-time supporters because rates have risen.  Joe is also hosting Alycin’s going away party/Joe Crawford’s welcoming party on the 12th.  Also, the Third Greatest Mardi Gras on the Face of the Earth is happening on February 17th.  All at the Player’s Pub.
    1. Slight difference in numbers from General Manager and Development Director—the DD didn’t include end-of-year contributors or random contributions, hers was a reflection of the direct campaign.  The data we had on donor’s addresses were out of date on a number of people, so we’re going to work on shoring up those addresses and contacting folks who haven’t donated in some time, especially after spring fund drive is through and people have gotten their tax returns.  Accuracy checks are going to be important in a transient town like Bloomington.  We’ve been working on underwriting and there’s not been much movement there.  The CPB application is just about finished so we’re close to getting our second dispersement of funds ($21K).  Thanks also to Joe for hosting Jeffrey Morris’ birthday party—it was a success that raised over $600 for the station.
    2. Match Madness:  There’s a promotion for endowments wherein $10K raised in one day will be matched by The Community Foundation for Endowment Programs with an opportunity for another $5K if all of the participating non-profits are able to meet that goal.
    3. Pamela Davidson stated that we should adopt a policy that Board Members should all be financial contributors (whatever the amount) in the spirit that if board members are asking people to contribute, they need to be willing to do that as well.
    4. Rich Reardin raised the question as to what the Development Director has planned based on the gap between fundraising budgeting and actuals.  Cleveland states that, while there is a gap, the underwriting is the same as where it was at this time last year and there have been improvements, including having the Development Director work with Hondo Thompson and Beth Moses for underwriting training.  There have been a lot of changes in what underwriting reps are asked to do and getting everyone on the same page is taking some time.  Louis Malone reminded us that the management of staff is the purview of the General Manager and the Board can pose questions about the staff’s performance through the GM.  President Joe Estivill commented that the budget was indeed in the red, and that it seemed appropriate of the Board to know about underwriting activities in the Development Director’s report.  Rich Reardin asked if the Development Director or the General Manager was overseeing underwriting, and Cleveland replied that, at this point, it was the General Manager’s job to oversee underwriting activities but that the Development Director was in the process of transitioning towards overseeing the entirety of that operation.  Pamela Davidson stressed that a Development Director position is one that a person needs to grow into and several members commended the Development Director’s efforts towards securing 60+% of the Match Madness funds needed to get a matching endowment grant from the Community Foundation for Endowment Programs.
    1. Executive Committee

i.      They set the agenda but failed to send it out.  We’ll do better in the future, aka, My (Kelly Wherley’s) Bad

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Profit/Loss review, CPB money, Follies potential membership, underwriting low but people are buying at new rates and we’re grandfathering long-time supporters, board needs to be more active in finding supporters for the station, planned giving, phone calls, insurance discussions.  Joe Estivill mentioned the $19K bill we’ve got due for equipment, so the surplus it looks like we have is not quite as big as it seems, as it has been earmarked for expenses.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      Discussion over the grievance policy:  Maria McKinley read the old and new versions regarding the documentation process for grievances and the flexibility it is attempting to grant aid staff and board members in terms of documenting any grievance brought forth to them.  New language reads, “Documentation may be required upon request at any time by any involved party.  Any grievance brought to the General Manager or Board of Directors for resolution must be documented.  If documentation is required, it must be performed by a paid staff member or Board member.”  Louis Malone moves that we accept the policy, Sheryl Mitchell seconds, motion passes.

ii.      Sexual Harassment policy:  The policy was constructed using boilerplate methods from the statewide efforts to standardize these sorts of issues.  Question regarding volunteer cooperation with any potential investigation and confidentiality.  After much discussion, Louis Malone moves that we approve the policy as it has been written, with the amendment that we strike “as much as possible” from the confidentiality clause.  Sheryl seconds.  Motion passes.

  1. Personnel Committee

i.      Sheryl, Joe, and Maria have been working with Louis on the Personnel and Nominating procedure documents but haven’t heard anything back.  They were sent out on 12/22/14 and we need to hear back from board members to finalize these procedures.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual

i.      Pushed.

  1. Policy Document Approvals (Continued)

i.      Grievance (edit) – See above

ii.      Sexual Harassment – See above

iii.      Hiring / Board Nomination Policy – See below

    1. GM’s Formal Recommendation for new News Director

i.      Done (see above).

  1. New Board Member Nominations

i.      See Personnel Committee report from Louis Malone.  Please e-mail Louis Malone with any recommendations.

  1. Health Insurance

i.      The board decided, after long discussion, that we would increase staff members’ salaries and assist them in choosing a governmentally subsidized health insurance program.  $350/mo. pre-tax salary increase for each employee across the board.  This was done both in the interest of the employees and the sustainability of the station.  We made this resolution with the expressed intent of revisiting this policy in a year to make sure it is working for everyone.  The $350 is an effort to get dental and vision on the WFHB side, while the medical would be through the government.  Essentially, each full-time employee gets paid an additional $4,200/yr to cover medical expenses, and the $28K WFHB currently spends on insurance would go away.  Pamela Davidson moves that we increase employees salaries $350/mo. (strongly encouraging them to pay into a health insurance account) with the provision that we review this policy annually, Louis Malone seconds.  The General Manager will figure out the timing (whether or not the shift will become active in February or March—and we certainly don’t want a month-long lapse in employees’ coverage).  Motion passes.

ii.      Louis Malone moves that we purchase life insurance at a cost of $100/mo. with the provision that we review this annually.  Pamela Davidson seconds.  Motion passes.  Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.




  1. Approval of minutes was tabled.
  2. Maria McKinley moves that we hire Joe Crawford full-time as the new News Director and Louis Malone seconds.  Motion passes.
  3. Louis Malone moves that Alycin Bektesh be moved to Assistant News Director and her salary be one half of her current salary (beginning February 1st, 2015) and Pamela Davidson seconds.  Motion passes.
  4. Louis Malone moves that we accept the diversity statement as written and adopt the fourth strategy as our commitment to the CPB’s mandate on this, Pamela Davidson seconds.  (It’s been posted on the website for the past two months).  Motion passes.
  5. Louis Malone moves that we accept the grievance policy, Sheryl Mitchell seconds, motion passes.
  6. Sexual Harassment Policy:  Louis Malone moves that we approve the policy as it has been written, with the amendment that we strike “as much as possible” from the confidentiality clause.  Sheryl seconds.  Motion passes.
  7. Pamela Davidson moves that we increase employees salaries $350/mo. (strongly encouraging them to pay into a health insurance account) with the provision that we review this policy annually, Louis Malone seconds.  Motion passes.
  8. The Board also considered the switching of the words “empowered” and “entertained” in the Vision Statement.  Pamela Davidson moved that we accept the changes and Sheryl Mitchell seconded.  Motion passes.
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