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VandeWiele Seeks Voter Information Privacy


In the July 20th meeting of the Monroe County Election Board, Democratic representative Carolyn VandeWiele sought to reassure voters that Indiana law protects their private information

VandeWiele’s statement came after a request last month by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity asked Secretaries of States for an expansive set of information on individual voters, including Hoosiers.

VandeWiele said Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson is one of many secretaries of state who are limiting how much information they will turn over to the commission.

Monroe County Election Board Republican representative William Ellis echoed VandeWiele’s assertion that voting records are public record, although he stated that the request for voters’ social security numbers seemed an overreach.

VandeWiele said the request for information has prompted voters in many states to cancel their voter registration.

VandeWiele suggested that the Board may want to develop a policy on what if any voter registration lists might be made available through public records requests.

VandeWiele volunteers as a news anchor for WFHB.

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