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Senate Republicans Pass Tax Bill Along Party Lines


U.S. Senate Republicans advanced their proposed tax bill over the weekend. Votes largely came down along party lines, with Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker being the only Republican to vote against the bill.

On Saturday, 51 Republicans voted to pass the bill, and 48 Democrats voted against it.

Reflecting the partisan atmosphere in Washington, Republican Indiana Sen. Todd Young voted in favor of the bill and Democratic Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly voted against it.

Both senators took to social media after the vote to explain their rationales.

Young praised the passage of the bill, which is currently in committee to finalize changes between it and its companion House tax bill before sending a version to President Donald Trump.

In a statement, Senator Donnelly says he was for the tax cuts but was unable to get behind the Senate tax proposal as worded.

The committee reviewing both tax bills is expected to have a final comprehensive bill ready in several weeks. President Trump has repeatedly urged lawmakers to pass a tax reform bill by the end of the year.

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