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IU Tuition Rebates for Good Grades


Indiana University president Michael McRobbie announces a plan to give “incentive grant” tuition rebates to in-state undergraduate students who maintain good grades. The announcement appears to be tied to state senator Luke Kenley’s threat to withhold capital project funding if IU does not rescind its recent tuition hike. Kenley is using his position as chair of the state budget committee as leverage to demand tuition rollbacks at Indiana and Purdue Universities. Kenley had threatened to suspend approval of several capital project expenditures if IU did not rescind its 4.6% in-state tuition increase for this year and 4.8% for next year. On Friday Kenley said a tuition announcement by IU was coming soon, and it appears that today’s local press conference was that announcement, where McRobbie fields questions from reporters.

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