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Interchange – Matt Auer, Keith Johnson, Andy Mahler


Make any New Years resolutions? Host Mylo Roze speaks with three environmentalists about implementing resolutions to “be greener” in ’08. Former host Andy Mahler appears on the other side of the table (with his dog Otis) as a guest eco-activist and community builder. Andy’s friend and colleague, “PermaCulture” designer Keith Johnson also joins the discussion. The program is rounded out by Prof. Matt Auer of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs in his role as a member of the IU Task Force on Campus Sustainability, a new entity which has resolved to improve the University’s policies, procedures and practices with an eye toward the environmental impacts of institutional decisions. Topics include ways to change personal habits in accordance with notions of Earth stewardship. Areas relating to the daily life of average people, such as one’s diet and purchasing decisions, energy consumption, relationships with a greater community, as well as housing and transportation choices are all addressed. These same considerations are applied to how an ethic of environmental responsibility can be instituted within the administration of Indiana University.

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