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Interchange – Indiana Holistic Health Network’s


Host Mylo Roze talks with organizers and participants from the Indiana Holistic Health Network’s upcoming Wellness Expo. The program starts off with Patricia C. Coleman, President of the Green Dove Network, the parent organization of the IHHN speaking about the beginnings of that organization and its relationship with the Center for Sustainable Living as a project incorporated under CSL’s umbrella non-profit status. In the second segment, Mylo speaks with Dr. Chris Arick about integrative medicine, alternative therapies, nutrition, family practice, functional microbiology, finding the root cause of ailments, the failings of traditional western medicine and the effects of environmental toxins and emotional stress upon physical health. In the final segment, Janiece Jaffe speaks about the powerful effects of certain types of sound, music and vibration have upon one’s physical, mental & spiritual state. Finally, Patricia C. Coleman gives further details about the Expo, entitled “Creating Sustainable Healthy Communities.”

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