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Interchange – Georgia Schaich, Ann Kreilkamp – Green Acres Neighborhood Association


Host Tom Healy enjoys a convivial conversation about neighborliness with Georgia Schaich and Ann Kreilkamp from the Green Acres Neighborhood Association. Georgia was recently honored as Neighbor of the Year and Ann was also given recognition by the City of Bloomington’s Housing and Neighborhood Development office for their efforts to make Green Acres the sustainable place to be in Bloomington. The old saw says good fences make good neighbors but Georgia and Ann prove that it’s really good people who make the best neighbors. Georgia and Ann talk about the challenges and opportunities their neighborhood faces: how to encourage renters to feel part of a community and how to get owners of rental properties to maintain their properties; ways to increase the amount of communal green space; their goals of seeing affordable housing bring new homeowners into their diverse community; how historic preservation can serve as a foundation for sustainable development; working with city planners and engineers to created low-cost improvements and, most important, how to get neighbors to talk with one another. Georgia describes her work with the Neighborhood Alliance and shares the problem-solving skills she’s developed in her many years of community service. Ann talks about using permaculture practices to identify positive aspects of the neighborhood and offers ideas for bringing neighbors together to create a vision of a vibrant neighborhood. No matter where you live, Georgia and Ann have lots of ways to help you make it a sustainable place to be.

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