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Daily Local News – November 9, 2017


Around 200 protesters, scientists, and environmental activists gathered this morning in Yellowwood State Park in Brown County; Governor Eric Holcomb released his 2018 agenda; Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County is looking to breathe new life into the former RCA/Thomson Property, which has remained uninhabited for over a decade; The city of Bloomington Police Department is planning on adding three-to-five new surveillance cameras in downtown.

Theresa Ochoa considers herself lucky — she gets to work with imprisoned kids, some of whom are well on their way to becoming hardened criminals. She’s an Associate Professor of Special Education at Indiana University and has founded HOPE, a program matching undergraduate college students as mentors, with kids serving time in the state’s three juvenile correctional facilities. Ochoa leads the group of volunteers who strive to teach the kids how to walk and talk in the adult world and, hopefully, get jobs that’ll keep them on the straight and narrow. Ochoa joins Michael Glab on this week’s edition of Big Talk.

This week’s edition asks Indiana University students their thoughts about the IU Foundation off-shoring millions of dollars in assets in the Cayman Islands.

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