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Daily Local News – March 7, 2018


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is considering allowing the hunting of bobcats; Monroe County is buying timber in Hoosier National Forest to reconstruct portions of Hunters Creek Road, in the Deam Wilderness; Police are increasing traffic patrols around Monroe County in preparation for March Madness and Saint Patrick’s Day; The City of Bloomington is hoping to motivate property owners to repair sidewalks by waiving an excavation fee.

Democratic candidates for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District met at the Indiana University Memorial Union, last night. Liz Watson, Dan Canon and Rob Chatlos spoke to a crowded and diverse audience in the Union’s Whittenberger Auditorium. The candidate forum was put together by Campus Action for Democracy, a leftist student organization affiliated with Hoosier Action. Campus Action for Democracy also reportedly invited incumbent Republican ninth district congressman Trey Hollingsworth, who did not attend.

Watson, Canon and Chatlos spoke to question from Campus Action members, varying from climate change and student debt to gun control and addiction.

The new “smart TVs” are so new they aren’t entirely safe…yet, anyway. They can be hacked, and they can tell the world exactly what you like to watch.

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