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Daily Local News – March 5, 2018


Say’s Firefly is now Indiana’s state insect; The ‘short session’ of the Indiana legislature is expected to end next Wednesday; The Indiana Secretary of State’s office is announcing a new method of registering to vote; The Monroe County Election Board is encouraging voters to cast their ballots early for the May 8th primary election.

FEATURE: WFHB Correspondent Michael Glab speaks with Amelia Lahn, a top lawyer for young men at Indiana University who’ve been accused of sexual assault. Glab speaks with Lahn about her work, and her opinions on the campus’ treatment of sexual misconduct cases.

ACTIVATE: Spencer PRIDE’s Judi Epp says the upcoming festival is an important show of solidarity for the rural LGBT community. We’ll hear more from Epp, on Activate—our weekly segment spotlighting people working for positive change in our community.

CREDITS: Today’s headlines were written by Wes Martin and Jonah Chester, along with Sarah Vaughan for CATSWeek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by Michael Glab.
Activate! is produced by Lucy Schaich from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.
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