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Daily Local News – June 22, 2017


The Sycamore Land Trust has acquired two square miles, or 115 acres, that will be added to the Bean Blossom conservation area; Bloomington City council members take their time with one of two proposed ordinances aimed at encouraging more affordable housing in the city; The U.S. Justice Department announced it will help twelve cities, including Indianapolis, develop strategies in hopes of reducing violent crime; Electric vehicle manufacturer SF Motors announced that their plans to purchase an AM General commercial assembly plant in Northern Indiana; According to the Indianapolis Star, several groups have proposed extending an Indiana rail line into downtown Indianapolis; Construction could begin next year on the first, new facility in Bloomington’s budding Certified Technology Park.

Like countless people before her, Shelly Westerhausen came to Bloomington to study at Indiana University and wound up staying here. A vegetarian since she was a young girl, Shelly grew up in a town that didn’t even have a vegetarian restaurant. She was drawn to Bloomington by our town’s diverse and varied eateries. She has blogged about cooking for years and just this week her first book, filled with vegetarian recipes, has been released by Chronicle Books. She joins Michael Glab on this week’s edition of Big Talk.

This week’s edition asks Bloomington residents what they think about the conviction of Michelle Carter, a teenager who urged her boyfriend to commit suicide.

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