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Daily Local News – February 25, 2014


A new conference, planned to be held this spring, will host groups from university campuses around the country to compare struggles and prepare for action in the fall of 2014; Members of the public can hear and comment on proposals to address the “F” grades given by the state to Fairview and Highland Park schools; The Indiana State Senate voted 37-1 to pass Senate Bill 340 earlier this month;  The Indiana Coalition for Public Education is holding a discussion about ISTEP and other standardized testing this Sunday at the YMCA.

Education and Indiana’s Juvenile Detention System
The Commission on Improving the Status of Children, which was established last summer, held its most recent meeting February 19th. For today’s Daily Local News feature report, we hear the presentation to the commission from Michael Williams, of the Indiana Department of Education, about the education needs of children in the juvenile detention system.

Josh Wolf, Manager of the Children’s Department at the Monroe County Public Library, joins Ashley and Sarah for the second part of our Kids and Finances special. Discover free money programs and the library’s wealth of books to help you introduce concepts of saving, needs, and wants with your little ones, for WFHB’s weekly financial segment, the Ins and Outs of Money, our weekly segment providing economic education and community resources that keep your budget balanced and your finances flourishing.

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