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Daily Local News – February 22, 2018


In a two hour special session on Tuesday, City Council members heard members of the public  voice their concerns over Bloomington Police Department’s  purchase of an armored vehicle; The Indiana Legislature voted on amendments today to a Republican-sponsored bill that would require parents’ written permission for their children to be taught about human sexuality; An initiative to give Cook Group its own tax increment finance district took another step forward this week; In the wake of a school shooting threat last week, MCCSC Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrea Mobley speaks about school policies and what constitutes a real threat to students and staff.

The Bloomington City Council was the target of outrage during Tuesday night’s town hall. The city’s approval for Bloomington Police Department to purchase a Lenco BearCat armored car has raised concerns among community members, including Black Lives Matter, who see the armored vehicle as a step towards the militarization of police.

City Councilman Steve Volan penned a public letter to Mayor John Hamilton yesterday, which outlined the process by which the armored car was approved, not by city council, but by the mayor’s office. Councilman Steve Volan joins WFHB News Director Wes Martin on today’s Feature report.


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