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Daily Local News – February 19, 2018


Jurors convicted an Indianapolis man in connection with the sexual assaults of two IU students and a shootout with a Bloomington Police officer back in 2014; The Indiana legislature is considering passage of a bill that would expand the rates and lending practices for so-called payday loans; The Indiana Senate Environmental Affairs Committee voted down a measure that would’ve limited the control of local governments and municipalities in the state to regulate industrial run-off; Two bills that aimed to protect the state’s forests have been defeated in the Indiana legislature; The Indiana Department of Transportation has unveiled a new website for motorists to file complaints and report potholes.

Jeff Isaac is a noted and outspoken professor at Indiana University’s school of political science. He’s the past editor of the academic journal, Political Science, and has written countless articles for scholarly publications and numerous books. The road he took to academia was never straight. A kid growing up in Queens, New York City, he played stickball and did his best to get out of piano lessons. Now, he’s also an accomplished jazz musician. He talked about music with Michael Glab on last week’s edition of Big Talk.

Our weekly segment spotlighting people working for positive change in our community.

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