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Daily Local News – April 4, 2018


Kilroys on Kirkwood, in downtown Bloomington, had their alcohol permit approved by a county board this morning; The founder of the Group UndocuHoosiers Bloomington, William Palomo, is no longer affiliated with the immigrant advocacy organization; A Bloomington Fire Department Captain accused of sexual misconduct did not report to work this morning, according to the Bloomington Fire Department Chief Jason Moore; Monroe County Public Works Director Lisa Ridge says the county road crews are working to fix potholes created by a wet Spring; Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb met with Senators Joe Donnelly and Todd Young this morning at the Kennedy King Memorial in Indianapolis, on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.

University of California Berkeley Sociologist Michael Buravoy delivered the first of his two Indiana University Patten Lectures on Tuesday dealing with what he calls Universities in Crisis. These crises spring primarily from the dwindling of public funds and the construction of an administrative class that tends toward profligacy.

He joined Interchange host Doug Storm in our WFHB Studios to discuss the crisis and what might be done about it.

Cellphone porting—how your cellphone can get stolen by someone not even on the same continent.

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