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Daily Local News – April 2, 2018


A nine-member team from the Urban Land Institute will tour the grounds of IU Health Bloomington Hospital next week; The city of Bloomington will install a traffic light at the intersection of Rockport and Tapp Road this Summer; The Bloomington Redevelopment Commission considers splitting real estate in the Trades District; The Bloomington Utilities Department hears public concerns about a fee increases for testing swimming pool water; Governor Eric Holcomb will inaugurate the state’s first, and the nation’s second, coding program for female inmates.

The Indiana State Department of Health is warning residents that a chemical commonly found in rat poison is also being found in batches of synthetic marijuana, or spice, around the state.

Charlotte Zietlow talks about her push to save the Monroe County Courthouse, in this week’s edition of The Bicentennial Journal—looking back on 200 years of history in South-Central Indiana.

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