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Daily Local News – April 17, 2018


The Bloomington Redevelopment Commission approved spending $34 million to construct Switchyard Park yesterday; The Commission also previewed the city’s contract with Indiana University Health to buy the IU hospital site on Second Street; City of Bloomington Utilities Director Vic Kelson says the last stage of the south-central sewer interceptor project will be expedited; The Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Policy Committee has approved four transit studies they hope will help the county cope with growth; Three Republican primary U.S. Senate candidates for Indiana will debate later this month.

After IU Health announced its sale of the downtown Bloomington hospital for $6.5 million to the city of Bloomington, the city contracted the Urban Land Institute to put forward recommendations on what to do with the 24-acre downtown site. As City of Bloomington Communications Director Yael Ksander tells WFHB News Director Wes Martin, ULI is putting forward recommendations to expand the city’s affordable housing and office space.

Gladys DeVane speaks about the legacy of racism in Bloomington, on today’s edition of The Bicentennial Journal—looking back on 200 years of history in South Central Indiana.

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