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Political candidates and incumbents joined in a panel discussion about gun reform at First United Church on Saturday. Photo: Sarah Vaughan.

Bloomington Students Against Assault Weapons Host ‘Town Hall For Our Lives’


Members of Bloomington Students Against Assault Weapons are pressing for answers, in a quest for solutions to gun violence.

The group led a town hall on Saturday, April 7, to which they extended invitations to state and congressional representatives and candidates.

“We know this issue runs deeper and wider than just guns,” Bloomington High School North student Sarah Hannon said, opening the town hall discussion. “More than mental health issues or bullying, money talks and it talks so loudly that elected officials can no longer hear the cries of movie goers, concert goers, of worshipers, of 20 first graders, 17 high schoolers, 32 Virginia Tech Hokies, the 150,000 American students who have had to endure school shootings, and the countless minorities that face violence outside their door every day. Cash speaks so loud we have become easy to ignore.”

Hannon said social media made the Parkland, Florida, school shooting very real and personal. She thinks the issue of gun violence is part of her generation’s coming of age. Dozens of people gathered at the First United Church in east Bloomington for the town hall. The panelists consisted of eight Democrats; Republican representatives were invited but did not attend.

Hannon said Bloomington Students Against Assault Weapons will join in a nation-wide walkout on April 20, the 19th Anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School.

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