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bloomingOUT – LGBT News Headlines – October 19, 2017


This evening BloomingOUT welcomes new anchors Kim Hahn and Rachel Jones to the show. They discuss the  hottest topics in LGBT news including Trump’s speech at the 12th Annual Value Voters Summit, the #MeToo trend and John Lewis’ interview with LGBTQ Nation.

During the second half of the show, Kim and Rachel introduce themselves and interview each other about where they’re from, their personal experiences and what they hope to bring to BloomingOUT.

Our featured artist this week was AGAINST ME!


Anchors: Kim Kahn and Rachel Jones

Board Engineer: Jessie Grubb

Executive Producer and WFHB News Director: Wes Martin

Associate Producers: Grace Thumser and Alex Ashkin

Original Theme Music: Mikial Robertson

Graphic Design: Rachel Sutton

Photography: L. Garrett Studio


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