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Activate! – IU Health Alzheimer’s Resource Services: Wendy Rubin


Air date: 09/18/2017

Wendy Rubin volunteers with the Alzheimer’s Resource Service’s Service and Support Group, providing support to participants and their family caregivers. Wendy also co-chairs the local Walk to End Alzheimer’s Committee and advocates for it tirelessly. Personal experience supporting her late husband as he lived with Alzheimer’s allows Wendy to relate to others with compassion, insight, and wisdom. Her presence in the lives of those participating in the Service and Support Group is one of guidance as well as friendship. Wendy is joyful and passionate as she supports families and individuals who live with dementia.

IU Health Alzheimer’s Resource Service

Salvation Army Inventory Inspector
Bloomington Community Orchard Volunteer Communications Team Co-Chair
All-Options Talkline Advocate

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