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Better Beware – A New Year and New Ways to Protect Yourself


Let’s take a look at where we stand, what we can look forward to, and how we can at least try to keep ourselves safe in the face of an increasing avalanche of attacks by scammers and con artists from all over the world.

First of all, we all know that our personal information has probably been stolen by now, and it’s only a
matter of time before someone tries to hack into our lives. If you’ve got a computer, or a smartphone, or if you ever do anything on the internet, this is a great time to change your passwords.

Remember that government people and agencies never call you to demand money unless they’ve sent you a whole series of letters in the U.S. Mail, and they will never ask for an instant payment by wired cash or pre-paid money cards.

Most importantly, never, ever give out personal information on the telephone to anyone who calls you.

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