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Firehouse Sessions – Dirk Powell & Riley Baugus


Riley Baugus and Dirk Powell have been crossing musical paths since their teenage years. 30 years later they have officially teamed up as a duo, which brought them to Bloomington as part of the Lotus Blossoms series. They have just released their first duo album. “Tomorrow Morn”. On their visit to WFHB, they played old-time fiddle/banjo tunes, a Dock Boggs song, and a little Louisiana swamp blues.

1. “Sally In The Garden/Breakin’ Up Christmas”
2. “The False Hearted Lover Blues”
3. “Drifiting Blues”

Hosted by Jim Manion
Engineers: Jim Lang, Dan Withered
Produced by Katie Moulton
Executive Producer is Jim Manion

Originally aired on February 24, 2015.

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