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The Bald Eagle in Indiana

In today’s Eco-Report feature, Jeff Riegel talks about the status of the Bald Eagle in Indiana, and this week’s Eagle Watch 3 day festival at Lake Monroe.

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Standing Room Only – Slices of Life: ASE Students Share Their Stories, Part 2

In December of 2015, 49 students from the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship participated in a storytelling event in the style of The Moth storytelling events, sharing true, personal stories crafted under the guidance of English teacher Rachel Bahr and social studies teacher Pam Gunkel as part of an American Studies class. Tonight, we feature a selection of those stories …

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Bloomington Beware – Local Scams

Here are three swindles going on right now in our neck of the woods. They’re just like ones hitting all over the country, carefully targeted with local info. Produced by Richard Fish.

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Councilmember Volan Advocates for More Transparency in Recycling Services

Seven years after it was first considered, Monroe County’s plans to open a materials recovery facility are still in limbo. Last week, WFHB News Director Joe Crawford spoke with one of the strongest proponents of the facility, also known as a MRF (“murf”). Steve Volan is a member of the Bloomington City Council as well as the Monroe County Solid …

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Daily Local News – January 27, 2016

Early this morning, a group of Hoosier activists known as Indiana Moral Mondays, descended on the Indiana Statehouse to push for a minimum wage increase; Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson has approved Monroe County’s application for money to improve voting accessibility; The Bloomington Utilities Service Board heard an update on the city of Bloomington’s ongoing water contamination issues on …

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The Ins and Outs of Money – Money Lessons from Our Parents

Our parents taught us about money, even if they didn’t know they were doing it. What money messages did you get growing up, and which ones will you be passing on?

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BloomingOUT Interviews Organizers of Bloomington Pride Film Festival

The Bloomington Pride Film Festival begins on Thursday and runs through the weekend. 32 films will be screened at the festival, which takes place at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. In the lead up to the event, WFHB’s LGBTQ+ public affairs show, BloomingOUT, has hosted conversations with the organizers. We bring you a portion of one of those conversations now, for a …

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Accountability Grades Released for Monroe County Schools

The Indiana Department of Education has released its A-F accountability grades for 2015. Monroe County Community School Corporation has maintained its overall A grade from last year, and Fairview Elementary has achieved a C grade after three consecutive years of F grades. Under recent changes enacted by the State General Assembly, no school was able to receive a lower grade …

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Daily Local News – January 26, 2016

The Indiana Department of Education has released its A-F accountability grades 2015; Last night the Ellettsville Town Council put out a preliminary notification for potential builders, officially stating the intent to build a new town hall for the city; Marsh has announced the closure of their West Side Store at 3600 West Third Street; Deadlines for Individual Artist Program grants …

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Interchange – We, Robots: Curtis White on the Delusional Tales of Technologists

We, Robots

We’re told intelligent machines and big data will free us from work, educate our children, transform our environment, and even make religion more user-friendly. At least that’s the story we’re told by pundits, journalists and economists: Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Your Robot! Curtis White, author of We, Robots, joins us to share his skeptical view of the voices …

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