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Dancing With Parkinson’s Provides Exercise, Expressive Outlet to Those With the Disease


Dancing with Parkinson’s is a movement started by David Leventhal, a professional dancer in Brooklyn, New York in 2002. The initiative has expanded to include chapters all over the United States and continues to expand into the international community with chapters in Canada, the UK and Australia among others. The mission of Dancing with Parkinson’s is to provide dance classes with live music to enrich the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease as well as their families, friends, and caregivers. Bloomington’s own chapter was founded by Weezie and David Smith, who sat down for an interview with WFHB Correspondent Jennifer Whitaker to talk about their own experience and the Bloomington chapter.

For more information about Bloomington’s Dancing with Parkinson’s group, contact Weezie Smith at (812) 336-2429. You can also find out more at the Bloomington Chapter’s facebook page.

Legislative Update- January 2015


On January — in Bloomington, IN, local lawmakers and representatives sat down to discuss what the year will hold for state and local politics. The event consisted of an hour long period of general discussion with a Q&A period following. Speakers included Matt Ubelhor, Peggy Mayfield, Matt Pierce, Eric Koch, and Mark Stoops. This event was sponsored by the League of Women Voters, held in the Showers building, and recorded by Community Access Television Services.

Interchange – The Acceptable MLK: Speech Over Action


Host Doug Storm is joined by Rasul Mowatt and Jacinda Townsend to discuss why Martin Luther King, Jr. has been remembered and elevated to represent the struggle toward civil rights as opposed to other civil rights leaders such as Malcolm X; and how creating a “great leader” to follow can undermine the support of community movements for social and economic justice.

Rasul Mowatt is an Associate Professor in Indiana University’s School of Public Health.

Jacinda Townsend is an Assistant Professor the English Department  at Indiana University and author of the novel Saint Monkey.


Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Social Media: Carissa Barrett
Executive Producer: Alycin Bektesh

City of Bloomington’s 2015 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration


Award-winning filmmaker Bennett Singer gave the keynote address this year at the City of Bloomington’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration. Singer most recently produced and directed the film, “Brother Outsider,” which chronicles the life of Bayard Rustin, and openly gay civil rights activist who worked closely with Dr. King. Besides Singer, the event also featured speeches by Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan, Monroe County Commissioner Iris Kiesling, Indiana University Vice Provost Martin McCrory and others. Musical performers included the Indiana University African American Choral Ensemble and the University Elementary School Choir.

“Reclaiming the Legacy” – MLK Day Demonstrators Call for Justice


A “Reclaim MLK Day” action was held last night along State Road 46 in Bloomington. The demonstration focused on the issue of police mistreatment of African-Americans and recent calls for justice for those victims. WFHB correspondent David Murphy was on the scene to talk to some of the participants for today’s WFHB community report.

Photos by Mihee Kim-Kort


pic 2


pic 3



Daily Local News – January 20, 2015


As President Obama prepares to unveil his proposal for free community
college in tonight’s State of the Union address, a local legislator is
putting forward his own plan; Police are still looking for information
about a Bloomfield woman who has been missing for nearly three weeks; The
First Baptist Church in West Baden Springs has been taken off the state’s
10 most-endangered building list; The Monroe County Commissioners heard a
request to better maintain the Vietnam Veterans memorial outside the
County Courthouse; Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly is pushing again
for Congress to repeal a medical device tax that helps pay for the
Affordable Care Act; The city of Bloomington is launching a new fair labor
initiative to encourage fair labor practices in Bloomington eating
establishments; The Indiana State Department of Health has introduced a
new awareness program in hopes of improving Indiana’s dismal infant
mortality rate.

Yesterday an action was held in Bloomington in commemoration of Dr.
Martin Luther King’s birthday, which focused on the issue of police
mistreatment of African-Americans and the recent calls for justice for
those victims. WFHB correspondent David Murphy was on the scene to talk to
some of the participants for today’s WFHB community report.

What would it take for Monroe County residents and businesses to cut
energy use by 10 percent? Molly O’Donnell of Monroe County Energy
Challenge thinks she knows the answer: 5 million dollars. Find out who’s
putting up the money, what has to be done to meet the challenge, and how
trying our best will benefit us all.

Anchors: Lindsey Wright and Chris Martin
Today’s headlines were written by Jack Hanek, Cathi Norton, Anson Shupe
and Carmen Gozalo.
Along with Joe Crawford for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access
Television Services.
Our feature was produced by David Murphy.
The Ins and Outs of Money is produced by Dan Withered, in partnership with
the Monroe County Public Library and The United Way of Monroe County.
Our engineer is Joe Crawford.
Our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes.
Managing Producer is Joe Crawford.
Executive Producer is Alycin Bektesh.

Bring It On! – January 19, 2015


William Hosea and Doris Sims welcome Bennett Singer, Jacinda Townsend & Liz Mitchell.

For our yearly MLK Day episode of Bring It On!, William and Doris welcome Bennett Singer, the keynote speaker for the 2015 Martin Luther King Jr. day celebration’s. He is the producer and director of the 2003 film Brother Outsider, a documentary about Civil rights organizer Bayard Rustin. he stops by to discuss the film and other topics likely to be addressed during his keynote speech.

Bring It On Contributors Jacinda Townsend and Liz Mitchell stop by to discuss and review the film “Selma”, based on the events of 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches.

A replay of an archived interview with Bishop Woodie White, the 2009 Bloomington MLK Day keynote speaker, from 2004. it includes his yearly open letter to the late Dr. Martin Luter King Jr.

Hosts: William Hosea and Doris Sims
Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone
Executive Producer Alycin Bektesh
Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin
Our Board Engineer is Chris Martin

Books Unbound – Killing Voltaire: An Observance for Charlie Hebdo


“Killing Voltaire: An Observance for Charlie Hebdo” is a collaborative response by the Books Unbound community to the deadly attack on the offices of the French satiric weekly.

Classic and contemporary free-speech quotations from the Voice of Reason (Patsy Rahn), probing passages from authors by the Provocateur (Tony Brewer), and readings from Voltaire himself on fanaticism, blasphemy, and liberty vs. destiny (Frank Buczolich) are interwoven with selections made by the readers themselves or by series producer Cynthia Wolfe, including:

• Excerpt from a posthumously published essay by the assassinated Russian journalist Anna Politskovskaya, selected, read, scripted and produced by Sarah Torbeck, with a sample of the original Russian read by Pavel Abramov.

• “Fragment, 1959,” Lauren Robert reading a poem by Anna Akhmatova, selected by Doug Storm.

• Excerpt from a 2012 speech by Salman Rushdie, selected, read and produced by Jack Hanek.

• Excerpt from Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, selected, produced and read by Richard Fish.

• Excerpts from “Balqis,” a long poem alternating love elegy and political passion by the Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani, selected and read in Arabic by Ali Alnahhabi, and by Berklea Going in an English adaptation.

• “The Auroras of Autumn”, eight of ten cantos of the poem by Wallace Stevens on unease in the house of the mind, containing the famous line “The house will crumble and the books will burn”, selected by Cynthia Wolfe and read by Doug Storm.

• Afterword by Maria McKinley, reading a passage on the true source of personal daring from Eudora Welty’s memoir One Writer’s Beginnings.

The episode also features Guillaume Ansart, associate professor at Indiana University and a specialist in 18th-century French literature and satire, with perspectives on Voltaire, Enlightenment values, and the French tradition of satire.

Special music for the episode comes from the Floodplain album by Kronos Quartet.

Produced by Cynthia Wolfe, with assistance from Doug Storm and Sarah Torbeck.
Script by Cynthia Wolfe, with contributions by readers.
Executive producer: Alycin Bektesh
Theme music by The Impossible Shapes

This podcast is expanded from the original broadcast.

Hola Bloomington – January 16, 2015


Los locutores de HOLA Bloomington Minerva Sosa y Araceli Gomez-Aldana hablan sobre el dinero, como ahorrar y hacer mejores decisiones con nuestro dinero. Además, se habla de que necesita saber para la temporada de impuestos este año. Invitados Yvette y Roberto Hevia contribuyen a la conversación.

Hola Bloomington’s hosts Minerva Sosa and Araceli Gomez-Aldana talk about money, how to save money and make better decision with your money. They also talk about tax season and what you need to know for this tax season.

EcoReport – January 15, 2015

This week on Ecoreport, we hear an interview from 2012 with journalist Will Potter, which took place prior to Potter

speaking at the I-U campus. Potter has written extensively on the “Green Scare” and the U.S.

government’s efforts to criminalize environmental and animal rights activists — and even label them as terrorists.

EcoReport is a weekly program providing independent media coverage of environmental and ecological issues with a

focus on local, state and regional people, issues, and events in order to foster open discussion of human relationships

with nature and the Earth and to encourage you to take personal responsibility for the world in which we live. Each

program features timely eco-related headline news, a feature interview or event recording, and a calendar of events of

interest to the environmentally conscious.

Anchors: Alyce Miller, Dan Young

This week’s news stories were written by Linda Greene, Norm Holy, Susan Northleaf, and and Cathi Norton. Our

feature and broadcast engineer is Dan Withered. This week’s calendar was compiled by Catherine Anders.

EcoReport is produced by Dan Young and Gillian Wilson. Executive producer is Alycin Bektesh.

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