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Daily Local News – April 27, 2015


Bloomington’s connection to a city in Nicaragua; Indiana University is offering free counseling services to students following the murder of IU senior Hannah Wilson on Friday; The I-69 Development Partners Team has announced overnight road closures on State Road 37 at Rockport Road; State health officials say the HIV outbreak in Scott County is continuing to grow; State legislators held a Conference Committee Hearing today on a bill that would change the structure of the State Board of Education; The League of American Bicyclists has renewed the city Bloomington government’s designation as an officially Bicycle Friendly employer; Last week the Edgewood Parent Teacher Organization presented a $500 check to Edgewood Primary School for the Andy Burns scholarship fund.

The first segment in a new WFHB series called Cast of Characters. In this series, WFHB went looking for local characters with interesting personal stories. We bring you now the first installment of Cast of Characters with WFHB correspondent Amanda Marino.

Our weekly segment spotlighting people working for positive change in our community.

Anchors: Joe Crawford, Maria McKinley
Today’s headlines were written by Joshua Byron, Adele Poudrier and Joe Crawford.
Along with David Murphy for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by Amanda Marino.
Activate! is produced by Jennifer Whitaker, along with the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.
Our engineer today is Chris Martin.
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Executive Producer is Joe Crawford.

Indiana University Offering Free Counseling Services to Students

Indiana University is offering free counseling services to students following the murder of IU senior Hannah Wilson on Friday. IU Counseling and Psychological Services Director Nancy Stockton says counselors have already visited the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, where Wilson was a member. Any students who seek services for grief, anxiety or other issues related to Wilson’s death will not be charged a fee.

Wilson’s body was found in a vacant lot in Brown County on Friday. Police arrested Bloomington resident Daniel Messel on Friday and formally charged him with murder this morning. Stockton says some students may still be in shock after hearing the news.

Stockton further explained, “People are distraught. They frequently go through a period of being in shock, of feeling disbelief, of almost denial that anything so horrific has happened. Slowly psychologically things sink in… Sometimes it takes a little while for things to really sink in and for the student to be ready to talk to someone about it. So sometimes they don’t actually seek out counselling for a few days or sometimes even weeks.”

Stockton encouraged students to keep an eye out for friends who might be in distress. She says these kinds of events can affect more than just those who were close to the victim.

Stockton said, “Others can be indirectly affected… Even though they may not have know Hannah, this can have a considerable impact on them.”

According to a probable cause statement filed by State Police, Wilson’s friends last saw her about 1 a.m. Friday morning when she got into a taxi outside Kilroy’s Sports Bar. Wilson had been drinking and her friends decided she was too intoxicated to enter the bar. When police found her body, they found Messel’s cell phone nearby, according to the statement. Later they found Messel, who they say had claw marks on his forearms and blood splattered on the driver’s side of his car.

Messel is currently being held without bond in the Brown County Jail. Students looking for counseling or other help after normal business hours can call the Counseling and Psychological Services crisis line at 812-855-5711.

Activate! – Bloomington Sister Cities: David Boeyink


David Boeyink, long-time volunteer and organizer, talks about the wonderful experiences and adventures as well as the amazing personal connections he has made as part of the Bloomington Sister Cities Program. Also, more volunteer opportunities from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.

Bloomington-Posoltega Committee, Sister Cities International
Bloomington Worldwide Friendship Host
CIEE High School Program Host Families

bloomingOUT – April 23, 2015


Tonight, our hosts Jeff Poling and Ryne Shadday interview comedian Erin Foley about her show at the Comedy Attic next week. We also hear Jeff Jewel’s conversation with John Linnemeier, our third and final interview with this year’s mayoral candidates. Our music for tonight was Blue Collar Man by Styx. The bloomingOUT staff would like to give a special thanks to Erin Foley and John Linnemeier.


Hosts Jeff Poling, Ryne Shadday, Jeff Jewel
Executive Producer Joe Crawford
Producer Olivia Davidson
Script Coordinator Hayley Bass
Board Engineers Carissa Barrett, Andrew Sims
Interns Jorge Guillen, Megan McCullough, Jacob Samples


EcoReport – April 23, 2015


In today’s EcoReport feature, Bob Kissell talks to Dan and Tom Weber about the history and process of making maple syrup.

EcoReport is a weekly program providing independent media coverage of environmental and ecological issues with a focus on local, state and regional people, issues, and events in order to foster open discussion of human relationships with nature and the Earth and to encourage you to take personal responsibility for the world in which we live. Each program features timely eco-related headline news, a feature interview or event recording, and a calendar of events of interest to the environmentally conscious.

Today’s Anchors:  Julianna Dailey and Alyce Miller.
This week’s news stories were written by Sarah Panfil, Linda Greene, Norm Holy and Halle Shine. Our feature and broadcast engineer is Dan Withered. This week’s calendar was compiled by Catherine Anders.
EcoReport is produced by Dan Young, Filiz Cicek, Nancy Jones, and Gillian Wilson. Executive producer is Joe Crawford.

EcoReport – Making Maple Syrup


Bob Kissell talks to Dan and Tom Weber about the history and process of making maple syrup.

IN Nature – Peony


Better Beware! – Car Wraps


A lovely little scam going the rounds offers to pay suckers for putting advertising on their cars. But it ends up working the other way around!

The State Is Offering Energy Consumption Grants To Religious Institutions


Five new religious congregations have received state grants to reduce their energy consumption. A press release from the Center for Sustainable Living says these five new congregations will seek to reduce their energy use by 25 to 40 percent. The 100,000 dollar grant was awarded by the Indiana Office of Energy Development and will be split between five congregations. The congregations receiving the grant will also urge their members to cut down on their household energy use. Romel says there are benefits to religious organizations receiving these kinds of grants including reaching a larger audience.

The Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light has been leading the Seventh Day Initiative that seeks to urge religious communities of various backgrounds to cut down on their energy use. One of the measures they take is aimed at teaching younger people about the importance of conserving energy.

One local congregation that has benefited from the grant is the Bloomington Friends Meeting, a collection of Quakers who joined the Seventh Day Initiative out of concern for climate change.

The City Is Seeking To Amend The Rising Cost Of Sludge


Bloomington is facing rapidly escalating costs for disposal of sludge from its wastewater treatment facility. Sludge is the solid that remains after waste-water treatment and liquid removal. The Utilities Service Board of the city heard a presentation from Efrat Feferman, Assistant Director of Finance for city’s Utilities Department on the rising costs and possible short-term responses. Feferman says that the costs have risen substantially each successive year.

These are external costs to the department for removal and disposal by private contractors. Feferman predicted that this year’s costs will probably reach three-hundred thousand dollars unless changes are made. Only one-hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars has been budgeted for the entire year for this item. The department has done an analysis of what it would cost the department if the city took control of the removal and disposal process. They have also solicited two bids from private companies for managing sludge removal to city landfills. However, it is anticipated that the city’s landfills will reach capacity in two or three years. John Langley, Deputy Director of the Department, explained to the Board that the rising cost of sludge disposal is due to rising volumes. He then told the Board about some of the changes that the Department has adopted to reduce this volume which includes no longer taking any out of county waste disposal and discouraging the use of garbage disposals.

The board also heard from Tamara Roberts, Pretreatment Co-ordinator for the Utilities Department, about two treatment compliance orders the department issued against two local businesses, Upland Brewery and Organized Living. These Significant Non-Compliance orders, or SNO’s, were issued due to the discovery of excessive phosphorous in the waste-water of both, and excessive zinc and copper in the latter’s. The orders require a lowering of these discharges and subjection to monthly inspection by the utilities department.

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