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Books Unbound – “The Burning Secret” by Stefan Zweig, Part 1

Stefan Zweig was an Austrian Jew whose books were among the first burned by the Nazis in 1933. He was one of the most beloved writers of the 1920s and 30s, but he committed suicide in Brazil in 1942, despairing that the Old Europe he loved was lost. His novella “The Burning Secret” shows the psychoanalytic influence of his friend …

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Bloomingfoods employees and co-op members rally during annual meeting in support of unionization


WFHB Correspondent David Murphy attended Bloomingfood’s annual meeting last week and an accompanying rally by those who support a recent effort by workers to form a union. Today we hear comments from the rally for our Daily Local News community report.

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Daily Local News – October 20, 2014

Monroe County is moving forward with plans to build a parking garage in downtown Bloomington; Indiana is ramping up efforts to protect Hoosiers from the Ebola Virus; The Monroe County Branch of the NAACP will be hosting the 2014 NAACP State Convention this weekend; The city of Bloomington is sponsoring an event to provide citizens with information on the 2014-2015 …

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EcoReport – Kent Webb: Deer Managment

In today’s EcoReport feature, Deer management researcher Kent Webb discusses deer culls, bowhunting, coyote predation, and other deer management topics.

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Local Live – Jesse Lacy Trio

Jesse Lacy returns and this time he brought backup! The Jesse Lacy Trio sings songs of days gone by and speaks with us about transitioning from a solo act to a trio. SONGS 1. I Won’t Let You Down 2. Nobody Gives It Time 3. Like I Did 4. Better 5. Pack of Dogs

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Activate! – POAP – Protective Assistance Order Program

This week, in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness month, Activate! is featuring POAP, a partnership between the office of the Monroe County Clerk, the office of the Monroe County Prosecutor, Middle Way House, the IU School of Social Work and the IU Maurer School of Law’s Protective Order Project (POP). Using a co-located services model, POAP provides free assistance to …

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New Mental Heath Court and Pilot Project takes flight in Monroe County

On Friday, local criminal justice and community partner agencies announced Monroe County’s selection as one of just 12 communities in the state to be awarded funding for the creation of a new Mental Health Pilot Project and Mental Health Court from the state legislature. WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh was on hand at the press conference and brings us today’s …

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Daily Local News – October 13, 2014

Two recent public forums in Indiana have addressed the spread of the virus Ebola to the United States; Within the next 30 days the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles plans to issue notice to Hoosiers entitled to refund checks; Indiana Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann recently announced the winners of Indiana’s “Excellence in Community Economic Development and Affordable Housing” award; The …

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Books Unbound – Frankenstein, Part 9

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was 18 when she and her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley, visited some literary friends and got involved in a challenge, to see who could write the most frightening story. Out of a group that included the poet Lord Byron, only Mary’s story of a scientist who goes too far has lasted as a landmark of fantastic literature. …

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Bloomington Beware! – Shellshock/Bash Bug

If you thought the “Heartbleed” bug was bad, get ready for Shellshock, as the Bash Bug is much, much worse. 70 percent of all computers — including your phone, maybe your car, and even your thermostat — have been vulnerable for over twenty years.

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