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Books Unbound – “Short, With a Wicked Tongue and Long Legs,” Episode Two: “The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes” and “The Cloak” by Gogol

“Short, With a Wicked Tongue and Long Legs” is the second of a three-part of classic short satiric fiction. This week, the conclusion of The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes, His Fortunes and Misfortunes, an early Spanish novella published anonymously and officially banned during the Inquisition, followed by the first part of “The Cloak” by Russian master Nikolai Gogol. Both stories have an outsider protagonist, the one a sly but often clueless rascal who finds success in a government job, and the other a downtrodden government employee who longs for the clothes to make him a man. Guest readers are Tony Brewer and Frank Buczolich. Hosted by Sarah Torbeck, with announcer Berklea Going.
The episode features music interludes written in the era of Lazarillo by Diego Ortiz, with selections from Recercadas del Tratado de Glosas performed by Jordi Savali and by the Ensemble for the Seicento. Music for “The Cloak” comes from the Viola Sonata in D Minor by Gogol’s contemporary Mikhail Glinka and performed by Nobuko Imai. The translation ofLazarillo is by Robert S, Rudder. “The Cloak” appeared in the 1917 collection Best Russian Short Stories edited by Thomas Seltzer.
Produced and written by Cynthia Wolfe, with assistant producers Doug Storm and Robert Shull. Executive producer is Alycin Bektesh. Theme music by The Impossible Shapes.

EcoReport – Karst Farm Greenway


In today’s EcoReport feature, we hear about the new Karst Farm Greenway, a trail on the west side of Bloomington.

Local Live – Shame Thugs

Shame Thugs join our Local Live series for an exclusive low-fi bump and grind radio experience.

1. Bakery
2. Everyone Like
3. Break it Off
4. Cheryl Miller
5. Galaxy

Activate! – Maqube Reese: Within Our Lifetime


Maqube Reese introduces the new community campaign Within Our Lifetime, dedicated to ending racism. As the community organizer for WOL, Maqube explains how the start up is starting up and building a base of support – including volunteers for upcoming events in 2015! Also, Volunteer Connection offers opportunities to work for civil rights in our community.

Within Our LIfetime
Within Our Lifetime Twitter Town Hall
MLK Day Opportunities
Library MLK Day Volunteering

Books Unbound – “Short, With a Wicked Tongue and Long Legs,” Episode One: The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes, Part One


“Short, With a Wicked Tongue and Long Legs” is a three-part program of short satiric fiction that has “legs” because it stands up to the test of time. This week, The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes, His Fortunes and Misfortunes as Told by Himself, an anonymous 16th-century Spanish novella banned by the Inquisition. Lazarillo is a classic of Spanish literature, a subversive comedy about poverty, religious hypocrisy, and social class written in the voice of a sly, resilient but often clueless servant boy. Novelist Jane Smiley considers Lazarillo the first literary work primarily concerned with an average person and the need to make a living. Guest reader is Tony Brewer. Hosted by Sarah Torbeck, with announcer Berklea Going.

Firehouse Sessions – Will Johnson


In our studio for a Firehouse Session prior to playing a “Living Room Show” is Will Johnson. Besides making music as a solo artist, Will Johnson is a member Centro-matic and South San Gabriel. He is also a prolific collaborator, playing in such super-groups as the Undertow Orchestra with Mark Eitzel, David Bazan, and the late Vic Chestnutt and the more recent Overseas, again with David Bazan and also Matt and Bubba Kadane. He’s also collaborated on a Woody Guthrie Tribute Album and in 2009 he recorded an album with the late Jason Molina called Molina and Johnson.

“Twenty Cycles to the Ground”
“Just to Know What You’ve Been Dreaming”

Hosted by Doug Storm
Engineered by Jim Lang & Dan Withered
Produced by Katie Moulton
Executive Producer is Jim Manion

Originally aired on November 21, 2014.

EcoReport – Ellie Sims: Hilltop Garden And Nature Center


In today’s EcoReport feature, IU Campus Beekeeper Ellie Sims discusses the joys and challenges of maintaining bee hives at the Hilltop Garden And Nature Center.

Daily Local News – November 17, 2014


Indiana college students graduate with more debt than students in most other states; Indiana University is moving forward with President Michael McRobbie’s plan to establish an engineering program on the Bloomington Campus; Off-duty and retired state troopers are now patrolling the Johnson Hardware Building on weekday mornings; Workers at the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District will get 5 percent raises next year; A Monroe County official said he’s optimistic the Indiana Department of Transportation, or INDOT (IN-dot), is improving its policies for dealing with drainage problems; A Bloomington man went missing and was found over this past weekend; According to a November 13 press release from the
Indiana Attorney General’s office, Marion County Superior Court judge Michael Keele has approved Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s request to appoint a receiver to oversee and prepare an accounting of the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Inc. or INCASA, which is facing financial insolvency; The library will be receiving a twenty-five hundred dollar grant this
month; The City of Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District features the works of local artist and printmaker Elizabeth Busey in this month’s exhibit, titled “Captive on the Carousel of Time.”; The Monroe County Solid Waste Management District can start working on its new recycling project about six weeks early; Local realtors and landowners are still not
satisfied with proposed changes to Monroe County’s zoning laws.

Our weekly segment spotlighting people working for positive change in our community.

Anchors: Carissa Barrett, Doug Storm
Today’s headlines were written by David Murphy, Anson Shupe, Taylor Telford and Sophia Saliby
Along with Joe Crawford for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Activate! is produced by Jennifer Whitaker, along with the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network
Our engineer is Chris Martin,
Our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes.
Managing Producer is Joe Crawford
Executive producer is Alycin Bektesh.

Local Live Remote from Magnetic South – The Cowboys


November’s Local Live Remote Broadcast delves into the dark and mysterious basement of Magnetic South for an exclusive live performance from The Cowboys and Purple 7.

Local Live Remote from Magnetic South – Purple 7


November’s Local Live Remote Broadcast delves into the dark and mysterious basement of Magnetic South for an exclusive live performance from The Cowboys and Purple 7.

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