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“He’s Not Unusual” – Church Massacre Suspect Dyllan Roof and Institutionalized Racism


Interchange host Doug Storm spoke yesterday with Amrita Myers, an Associate Professor of History and Gender Studies at Indiana University and author of Forging Freedom: Black Women and the Pursuit of Liberty in Antebellum Charleston. Myers spoke about institutionalized racism, extreme right-wing organizations and other elements of context for the June 17th murder of nine people in the oldest Black church south …

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“We Didn’t Ask” – A Secretive History in Vietnam

louis adams 2

Everyone has a story to tell. And as loved ones grow older, those stories become more and more precious to their family members. But what do you do when they have stories that they don’t want to tell? Indiana University student David Crosman brings us the story of his Grand Uncle, Louis Adams, and his secretive involvement in the Vietnam …

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Bloomington Primary Election Results: Neher Concedes To Hamilton

photo (1)

John Hamilton has defeated Darryl Neher in the race for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Bloomington. More detailed results can be found here, courtesy of the Monroe County Clerk’s Office.

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New Location for Bloomington Hospital: IU Golf Course


IU Health officials announced this morning they are changing the course of plans to relocate the Bloomington Hospital. The Hospital still plans to move out of its downtown location, a decision that has been unpopular with many Bloomington residents. But the new facility is now scheduled for construction on property that currently hosts the IU Golf Course, located on the …

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Glenn Carter June 18, 1963 – December 9, 2014


Advocates for shelter in Bloomington know Glenn, he has been involved in social justice issues in Bloomington for some time, and began working on a solution for the homeless population during Bloomington’s Occupy movement in People’s Park. Addicts in Bloomington know Glenn as well. After 8 months in the Amethyst house, a drug and alcohol recovery treatment center, Glenn became …

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The Top Stories of 2014: Politics and Development in Downtown Bloomington

Our coverage this evening focuses on the rapid growth of apartments, hotels and other businesses in the heart of Bloomington. We looked back at Mayor Mark Kruzan’s attempts to restrict chain restaurants downtown, Habitat for Humanity’s new subdivision in the B-Line woods, Old National Bank’s plans for Kirkwood Avenue and controversy over giving a tax break to million-dollar penthouses. The …

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Top Stories of 2014: Ferguson, MO

The Top Stories of 2014 is a special production of WFHB News, looking back on the stories that define the year in news. From deer to development, education to equality, national issues became local, and Indiana worked to set itself apart. The Top Stories of 2014 is produced by Alycin Bektesh and Joe Crawford.

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Top Stories of 2014: Marriage Equality

Tonight, we will be looking back on winding path to marriage equality in Indiana. It didn’t take long after the new year for it to become clear that the focus 2014 legislative session would be HJR-3, ratifying Indiana’s ban on gay marriage into the state constitution. But through a series of court rulings that swung legality of same-sex-marriage back and …

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The Top Stories of 2014: Follow the Money

Our coverage this evening focuses on major changes to Bloomington’s city government following the discovery of an embezzlement scheme within the Public Works Department. Herald Times editor Bob Zaltsberg joins Joe and Alycin for a look back beginning in March when federal authorities charged former city engineer Justin Wykoff with 24 counts of embezzlement. Wykoff was accused of collaborating with …

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The Top Stories of 2014 – Sexual Assault on Campus

This spring Indiana University was named as one of 50 universities under investigation by the federal government for title nine violations regarding handling of sexual violence complaints. Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University Debby Herbenick joins Alycin and Joe to discuss 2014’s nation-wide dialog regarding sexual assualt. This year an effort to raise awareness regarding …

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