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bloomingOUT – Angel, Grace, and Kathryn – October 27, 2016


Join bloomingOUT anchors JP and Ryne as they interview 3 new volunteers that have joined the bloomingOUT crew, Angel, Grace, and Kathryn. Angel, Grace, and Kathryn bring their experiences, stories, and love of the LGBTQ+ community to the show in their first official on-air interview!

This episode features music from the late bisexual frontman for the band Dead or Alive, Pete Burns; and from recently-out country music star, Ty Herndon. This episode features LGBTQ+ news headlines and upcoming local calendar events in the LGBTQ+ community.

Anchors: Jeff Poling and Ryne Shadday
Guests: Angel, Grace, and Kathryn
Producer: Ryne Shadday
Associate Producer and Board Engineer: Sarah Hetrick
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford
bloomingOUT’s theme is an original composition by Aaron Gage.

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