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‘Race Across America’ Bike Tour Coming Through Bloomington

Next week, bicyclists on a country-spanning race will be trickling through Bloomington.

Participants in the annual Race Across America road race will set off from Oceanside, California June 10 on their way to Annapolis, Maryland. They are expected to start coming through Time Station 39, in Bloomington, starting around Monday, June 16 through to the weekend. There are different categories of racers, male and female, single, double and team.

Jim Schroeder, a local resident and bicycling enthusiast, is the captain of Station 39, which will be on College Mall Road, in front of Casa Brava restaurant. He says this race is unique in it’s length and time.

Race Across America is not like the notable Tour races, Schroeder says its harder with a longer distance in shorter time.

The race draws competitors from across the globe, especially Europe where ultra-marathon bike racing is popular. The European teams are professional bike racers, sponsored by corporations. Schroeder says that it costs at least $30,000 to finance a team, which includes riders, crew, equipment and supplies. Many of the racers raise funds from pledge donations which they donate to their favorite charity.

It is expected that the leading competitors in the Race Across America ultra bicycling marathon race will be coming through Bloomington starting Monday, June 16 and continuing into the weekend.

They will be riding south-west along the 45/46 bypass, loop around the mall along 3rd St, Hillcrest, and College Mall Road, and checking in with their time in front of Casa Brava Mexican restaurant.

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