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Local Live – Mike Piss – January 31, 2018


Mike Piss formed after Kevin Oliver and Annie Paquette boomeranged back to Bloomington after living in Massachusetts. They both got jobs at Soma where they met fellow barista Lucas Fisher. Kevin and Annie played a show at Lucas’s house before asking him to accompany them on drums. Kevins guitar progressions and lyrics root in 90s alternative and punk while Annie add elements of classic soul on baritone.



1.) Pathways to Freedom
2.) Dirt of the Earth
3.) Kleenex
4.) Movin’ Away
5.) Moon Photographer
6.) Rare Sun
7.) Nisqually



Engineers: Jim Lang, Hannah Bunnell

Host/Coordinating Producer: Jessie Grubb

Executive Producer and WFHB Music Director: Jim Manion

Assistant Producer: Jar Turner



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