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Daily Local News – August 9, 2017


The Monroe County Commissioners approved a measure that would provide funding to keep the Shalom Center open during the weekends.   Brown County Farmer’s Market vendors will receive a price break thanks to an ordinance amendment.   Incoming and returning Indiana University Students will be greeted with a once-in-a-century solar eclipse on the first day of classes.   Two parking garages in downtown Bloomington will be sporting art installations by mid-October.  



After spending years fighting lawsuits against factory farms across Indiana, The Hoosier Environmental Council says they’re switching gears and educating local communities.    WFHB News Director Wes Martin and WFHB Correspondent Arjun Balasundaram spoke with Hoosier Environmental Council Attorney Kim Ferraro for today’s Community Report.



Smartphones are still so new that their dangers are still being discovered. Everyone – especially kids – faces a lot more risks than anyone thought they would.


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